Can I have some advice on 3 1/2 yr old boys behaviour? Please


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Kaihla - posted on 10/25/2009




Time-out. I swear by it.

The way I do time-out is like this -

Step 1: When my daughter does something wrong, I give her a warning and tell her if she does it again, I will send her to time-out.

Step 2: If she continues with her bad behaviour, I take her straight to time-out. Her time-out spot is a place where there are no toys and there is nothing she can play with but somewhere I can still keep an eye on her.

Step 3: Once I have placed her in time-out I come down to her level and very a calm but firm voice, I explain to her why she is there and that she must stay there. Then I walk away.

Step 4: She stays there for 1 minute per years of her age, eg. She is 3 years old, so she stays there for 3 minutes. If she gets up and out of time-out without her 3 minutes being up then I put her back in time-out and the clock starts again. If she keeps getting out of time-out, I will keep on putting her back there until she has sat there for a full 3 minutes.

Step 5: Once her 3 minutes is up, I walk over to her, come down to her level and once again, in a calm but firm voice, explain to her why I put her in time-out. I then tell her to apologize. Once she has said "sorry" and meant it, I give her a kiss and cuddle, tell her to go and play and I go about my day.

The key is persistence and consistency. Most importantly, as difficult and frustrating as it is, try and stay calm. You will find that he might try and do something to get a reaction out of you while in time-out. For instance, my daughter sometime smacks the wall or screams at the top of her lungs, but I just ignore her. That is why she hates time-out so much and that is why, when I warn her that if she keeps up with her bad behaviour, that she will end up in time-out, that she stops misbehaving.

I also warn whoever is in my house at the time, whether it be visitors or family members that if she is in time-out while they are at my house, they are not to look at her or talk to her while she is in time-out. The point of time-out is to isolate them.

I wish you the best of luck!!

Shayna - posted on 10/24/2009




Gillian has it right.

First give a warning and follow through every time or else he can see right through your empty threats and will not listen. It will take alot of time and effort at first because it is something he is not use to. I would recommend not putting him in his room with all his toys but rather somewhere in the house where you can see and hear him, also where there is nothing he can get amused by. Get down to his level and look him in the eyes when your giving your warning to him. If he acts up again after the warning (which most likely will) put him in the designated spot for the amount of time his age is. At first he will kick & scream & cry, but even if it takes 1 hour to get him to sit in that spot until his time is up it will be worth it, because he will know your mean business, and it will get easier in time.

When he gets up and moves from the spot pick him up and keep putting him back without even saying anything. It's going to be hard, but good things come with time & you will feel so much better about yourself when you are in control!

Amy - posted on 10/22/2009




Thanx Gillian.. I've tried time out in his room and that doesn't seem to work because it's a room full of toys. The taking of toys is a good idea and maybe chair or a mat if his naughty his gotta go to that and not move for 3.5 minutes... I'll let you know how I go..


Lady - posted on 10/20/2009




give warnings then time outs or taking away toys, be consistant in disipline and above all (and hardest to do) - keep your cool. good luck

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