Can someone explain elimination Communication to me please

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I see alot of moms on here talk about EC and I don't know what it is and the signs to look for to see if my daughter is ready to be potty trained. She doesn't like being in a diaper and takes it off or tries to run away when you take it off to change it. She is a great walker and runs to the bathroom when I go


Brandi - posted on 03/07/2010




EC is a METHOD of potty training that often doesn't require the use of diaper AT ALL. Many cultures in less developed parts of the world use it. Women carry their babys EVERYWHERE (without a diaper) and listen to their child for cues, signs, or signals that their baby has to eliminate. Basically, the goal is to be TOTALLY tuned in to your baby's elimination needs and to respond to them BEFORE the elimination actually happens. It is usually begun from DAY 1 of life. The mom's job in EC training is to learn the elimination patterns of their child and be proactive in meeting the child's needs BEFORE the child has them. I think for your child (since she is a little older and is already using a diaper) would be to be in tune to her potty schedule, but really show her what the potty is for and encourage her to try. She'll start to use the potty when she's ready. Taking her in with you is a great start as she will see what happens in the bathroom. The fact that she can take off her own diaper is a good sign that she may be ready to begin the process of potty training, but I think EC is a VERY EXTREME method to use. I didn't use it myself, but I considered it (for about 3 seconds lol). My best advice is to maintain a positive attitude and keep your expectations low and your hopes high. Give your child all the information, skills, tools (special toilet paper for kids *I used Can-Do with my daughter until she got the hang of regular toilet paper*) Teach her the proper way to wash afterwards and be really encouraging and supportive. Good luck

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