can't get my kid to eat his veggies

Angela - posted on 06/29/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




i can't seem to get my 2 yr old son to eat his veggies.. i try hiding them in his food, and he picks them out.. i try bribing him with sweets.. i seem to be running out of ideas..


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Nanna - posted on 06/29/2010




Sometmes you have to be a bit hard but ........ the sweet bribes are feeding him and thats what he's hanging onto - No More Bribes. My son tried the same thing on me and kids are kids, whether they're 2 or 22. Give him the veg only - he'll play up merry hell for a couple of days - hang in there, don't panic, don't be intimidated. He will be hungry enough to relish the veg in a couple of days but it will only work if you don't cave in.

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I have the same problem, I have herd you can give them things to dip the veggies in and that helps. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but I think I will soon, I‘m just afraid he will turn it into a finger dip rather then a veggie dip. My son will eat some veggies once in a while but not all the time. I give him two gummy vitamins because of it. With his older sister I resorted to giving her V8, she loved it and would ask for more. I did that until she got a little older and I could insist on her eating her veggies. Also you can put veggies on their plate and not give them anything else, they have to eat those before anything else is offered. That works a lot in our house, sometimes they get down and refuse them, but I just cover the plate and it’s there when they come back. I try to season the veggies in a way they favor off and on to change it up a bit. Sometimes they eat them with a little bit of salt and butter cooked into them, they taste better after I boil them most of the time. When they are older you can use a blender and put veggies in the main coarse, that you put through a food processor, as well as on the side for them to eat.

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