Can you help me with the Terrible Two's??

Rachael - posted on 05/12/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son just turned 2 in april, and in thoes two months he has been very winey and dosent seem to listen. I just dont know what to do anymore. I've tried taking toys away, putting him in the corner in time out(and then talking to him afterwords), and spanking(i didnt like that). and it just dosent seem to work no matter what i do. does anyone out there have any suggestions. i need help


Louise - posted on 05/12/2011




What do you mean a bit winey? The not listening thing is very common at this age as they are discovering everything so fast. They want to do everything and now. To get his attention get down to his level and get eye contact then tell him what you want him to do. Ask him if he understands and if he is verbally able to tell you what you want him to do. Make sure your instructions are short and to the point for him to understand them. To improve his concerntration play games like snap with him and make sure he has a bed time story just the two of you in a quiet area. This will help him improve his concerntration and listening skills.


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Ahh the joys of the 2 year old! Independance and narcisism at its best!

I have been using the techniques of Love and Logic for the last couple of years and it really helped me. I started it just before my son turned two, when this behavior popped up. several friends reccomended the stuff to me and I got the book at a local library. BRILLIANT is all I can say.

Why I like it:
1. it is no spanking
2. It is all about choices, decisions, consequences
3. I actually look forward to my sons mistakes now! I kid you not! now I look at these moments as opportunities to teach him a lesson when he is young! better now than when he is 6 or 10!
5. The stuff is really well explained. They give you a set up of the bad behavior (like whining), then tell you how ot respond to it, then tell you how your kid is probably going to fight you on it/react to your discipline, and then tell you how to combat THAT!

I have since bought several of their books and audio CDs and whenever my son (now three and a half) goes through a new phase, I am referencing back and getting new skills to effectivly deal with the behavior. I feel empowered and in control. is the website.
PArenting MAgic 0-6 years is the first book I read.

good luck!

Krissy - posted on 05/13/2011




has he got his 2 yr molars yet? if he is winey it may be them coming through they are the worst to come through you can go all teeth with no pain til the two yr molars. my girl is 2 in july and she's already trying to play up but she knows that there is so much to push me then shes in the poo so to speak. try a star chart my boy responded to it he mb just very clued in and needs different kind of system. if he does something good he gets a star if he plays up it goes back into the box the key here is perseverance it may take 2 days or 2 months for your child to repond to your system. also just get a general cheak up at your pediatrician just in case he has a hearing problem or has a ear infection in case its not the 2 yr molars they can play havoc and sometimes a child wont have a fever when having a inner ear infection my girl and my boy both have them on and off ( my boy has high funtioning autisum he can tell us things but cant work out how to tell us his pain or what to call it he just plays up big time) and they only winge and winge until i figure out something is not right- usually 2 -3 weeks if it is on and off. see if it is worse if he is going off to sleep and favours one side that is also a sign. has the dynamics changed in your house ie are you having a baby had and animal and now you dont, changed a room around etc sometimes even the brightest child can have issues even with small changes and this disrupts their way of life and not knowing how to handle a situation asthey dont know how to comunicate feeling other than playing up and winging. but i can tell you that perserverance is the key if there isnt any other issues surounding him. but se the doc first just to be sure:)
hope this helps and good luck

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