cant trust my own child...

Katherine - posted on 05/09/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




i have a 2 year old nearly 3 in july and i cant leave her alone for 1 minute without her getting into things, she gets into all the wrong things she knows she aint allowed to do, she is entertained yet she still wants to do things naughty,
we have friends who trust their kids and can stay in bed and their kids amuse themselves in the morning untill they want their parents up, and those kids never get into anything, my daughter if i stayed in bed she'd be so into something she cant touch.......
i want to trust her as i got a baby due in sept n im dredding that as shes so naughty...
(she has lots of things to entertain her too so shes not short on entertainment she just wants to get into things she cant...


Carmon - posted on 05/09/2010




my son has been doing that since he has been able to walk at 8 mo. and he's almost 16 mo. old now it's an attention thing i think he'll be totally busy with something if i walk out of the room for a second he's up on the counter or on the glass entertainment center or the computer desk it's a nightmare cause he knows what NO means and is not lacking attention i'm home with him all day everyday and our house isn't that big theres no way i could not pay attention to him mom swears by the playpen and has told me all along of course i didn't listen i thought it was so cool that my son was walking at 8 mo.i didn't want to keep him cooped up ya know boy that was a mistake now when i tell people he's been walking since 8 mo. their like "I'M SORRY" so a little advice with your new baby GET A PLAY PEN....babnies like boundries its to overwhelming to have free reign. and they go crazy

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