Chronic Ear infections - need help

Carrie - posted on 12/22/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 15 mos old and has ear infections since approx 5 mos old. In June we had tubes put in and she was clear for 1 1/2 mos and then she got a cold and has been fighting them again ever since. 2 weeks ago we had her adnoids removed to help and last night we noticed drainage out of her ear. We are taking her to the doctor today but i wanted to know if anyone else has gone through this or know someone who has. Any thoughts would be nice. i'm making a list of questions for the doctors appt. I was thinking maybe allergies but i just don't know at this point. I'm very frustrated.


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Tonie - posted on 01/01/2012




You sound like us! My daughter's first set of tubes were at 5 months. After 3 sets and letting a doctor dig one out and then he punctured her ear drum. Having to fight that for years before any doctor would touch it. Finally we had that fixed by a ear specialist. ( he does nothing but ears!) a 2 hour or so surgery. Now the tube between the ear and the nose is collapsing . But this doctor knows what to do! We are using a bulb( a hand pump) to keep it opened up! Find a ears only specialist ! Not an ENT!! We have done so much better, our doctor swears that some ped. Doctors and ENT doc. Just say they have infections when they don't know how or what to treat!! Be very careful, wished I never had the first set of tubes put in! Just to be honest!

Maggie - posted on 12/30/2011




I had tubes in my ears three times as a child. I now have permanent hearing loss from the scar tissue it caused. If she's getting a lot of colds then I recommend vitamin D. Vitamin D will boost her immune system so she can fight off viruses. Also, a lot of ear infections will go away on their own and there are lots of home remedies to sooth the discomfort. check out this site:

I've used the hydrogen peroxide myself many times and it's worked. A warm compress on the outside of the ear relieves the pain.

Nicole - posted on 12/28/2011




My daughter had reoccurring ear infections for over a year, every 3 to 4 weeks she was sick with ear infections fevers up to 105, very scary and stressful. Her doctor had started to discuss tubes. I decided I was going to do everything I could before we had tubes put in her ears. I did a lot of research and have wrote an article to help other parents going through similar struggles...

Syireen - posted on 12/25/2011




Gosh...I'm really sorry. My eldest son had ear infection and was never detected until much later. We were told, then, to steer away from lactose based food (this was after changing 4 different paeds). We watched his diet and sent him for regular check-ups with the paed and ENT specialists. But, because we only knew later in his life (he was 3 1/2 years old), the infection took a percentage of his hearing from his right ear. He developed speech a lot later too. If your daughter is constantly having flu and coughing, and mild fever that comes on and off, please meet a would've helped my son a lot if I had known better. I hope this helps. Good luck.

p.s. I also learned to avoid paracetamols, I don't know what they're called in your country, but they are called panadol and progesic here. I rely on manuka honey for antibiotics and fluid for almost all my children's fever and medical issues post my eldest son. It has worked well. My eldest is now 12 and my youngest is 3. * Of course medical attention is needed when temperature rise past 40C.

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