concerned mom of a 23 mon. old

Melody - posted on 07/21/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My lil girl has to stay on a daily routine we have noticed that if she doesn't eat , sleep, take her bath at or close to same time she gets mean. I would say it normal for most toddlers, but she is a very good child she is very polite and well behaved for her age . I really donhave any problems in less her schedual/routine is distrubed . I mean even the littlest thing of her sleeping in a different bed can effect how she feels . She I be worried or is it just a phase . I just want my sweet girl :)!


Louise - posted on 07/23/2011




I would talk to your doctor about your concerns because this could also be a mild form of autism. Children that need routine and become stressed when something is changed tend to be on the autistic spectrum. This is nothing to be concerned about and needs no medical intervention, it just means that you have to be aware of this and treat her slightly different by telling her well in advance if the routine is going to change. Take her to see a GP to see if he has any ideas on how to help you.


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little kids get used to routine, and if there routine changes it's scary for them, because they feel secure knowing what is going on. If any changes you are making are permenate then she will reajust.

Melody - posted on 07/22/2011




oh yes i understand we let her choose those things from which chair she wants to eat in to where her table be at she decides which bath room she take her bath/shower it just seems like it her attitude changes when we take her for over night stays some where else she loves going out to eat and is very good in reastrants but when her times of everything is messed up is when she acts out i guess i should of stated that she has times where she bites her self or objects (like back of couch her baby gate or stuff animals ) just out of anger . an she will pull her hair also . It breaks my heart to see it happen . I hoping it just a phase but i havent ever seen or heard or some one whose child is so addicted to having a routine an acting out if things are running behind

Christina - posted on 07/22/2011




Hi Melody
Although I haven't had this with my son, my younger brother was like that because my mum had us in such a strict routine and when it was interupted he did not know what to do with himself so acted up.

I can't remember what she did but I would try first doing the same activities but in a slightly different way i.e instead of having a bath have a shower so still washing and still at same time. For sleeping in a different place you could set up a little camp in out living room and make it fun then shes still on the comfort of our home but its exciting and fun because she'll be sleeping in the living room.

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