constant Rocking and Shouting?

Jayde - posted on 08/06/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




my 3 year old son Constantly Rocks back and fore while he's sitting down and shouts all the time..Doctors and Health Visitors say he's doing it for Attention, but me as a mother am thinking towards Autism

Can anyone give me some advice about this? thank you x


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Rocking is a symptom of autism. I'm not sure about the shouting. Does he exhibit any other signs of autism? Is he losing speech or social skills? It could just be a phase (like the doctor suggested) but if you're worried then ask for a second opinion or really stress to his pedi that you're worried and want to look into it further.

Lisa Marie - posted on 08/06/2010




Sounds like a tough situation. You may need to ask yourself some tough questions...You may answer "no to all of the above", but at least you can rule them out!
-Is there a lot of yelling in your home? Babies and kids that scream often come from a home of yellers.
-Could he be angry about something? He may only be old enough to sense that something is wrong and can't really explain it or even understand it, this would only increase his frustration.
-Have any important people been absent from his life that he was accustom to spending time with and enjoyed?
-Is there anyone who may be harming him without your knowledge? I did say that they were tough questions!
You certainly don't have to post your answers, they are merely a check list of sorts to help narrow down the cause of his out bursts. I hope that this helps! My heart aches for your pain.


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