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So I don't know if cub scouts is something I want my son to do. This year he is almost done with t-ball and in the fall he would like to start football and maybe soccer. He has not decided yet. When it comes to cub scouts or boy scouts what do they do? I have know clue. I would like to see him continue to be a strong smart little boy i am not sure what they do if its going to have any sports involed. So pretty much if anyone can tell me anything it would be helpful. Thank you...


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I agree with Desiree and Jocelyn. Now, we have a girl and Girl Scouts is much more open and I was a GS for 14 years, so I would be happy to have her in GS. I told my husband that I, a gay-supporting non-Christian, would have issues putting a son of mine into Boy Scouts. That being said, my dad and 2 brothers were all in BS in their youth and had great experiences. I don't think there are sports involved, but lots of camping and outdoors activities, community involvement, that sort of thing.

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where do you live? I know i would never let my son be a boy scout in the USA, but here in Canada they aren't such ignorant pricks. (no offense to you Americans, just offense to the scout leaders LOL) i know that the boy scouts march in all the parades in Toronto (including the gay pride parade) and that there are even a few troops specifically for the gay/lesbian scouts.
as for what they do (im going to tell you what i remember from when i was 9 years old lol)
they play games, go for badges, learn to cook, do crafts, sing songs, learn survival skills (use a compass, start a fire, learn to canoe etc) go camping, sell popcorn (lol) do volunteer work, hold Remembrance Day ceremonies. it's helpful for their social skills. etc. but i'm not sure if there are lots of [organized] sports involved or not...
hope this helped a bit!

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I think they teach cub and boy scouts how to do boy things while fostering friendships. Have you checked their website? I don't know how you feel about the issue, but I already know that I won't let my son participate because of the organization's stance on gay scouts. I find it discriminatory and won't let my son take part in something like that. I'm not trying to dissuade you, though! It's for you to decide, of course!

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