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I was just instructed by my child's ped. nurse to take all dairy out of her diet. She has been given cows milk occasionally since after she turned one year. Mostly she took soy milk. She had a dairy issue as infant and I had to stop eating all dairy products in order for her to reduce spitting up after meals and reduce stomach discomfort. She is now two years old. When she had soy and cow's milk occasionally, she was having diarrhea. She was then in and out of the doctors office, and I had to rule out what is commonly called toddler's diarrhea. They then did a stool culture which came back fine, it lasted about a month's time. Now, once again she has been having this chronic diarrhea problem. Recently she has been off of soy and only taking cow's milk. This past week I took it away, and she has been saying her stomach is hurting her. The nurse advised me to take away all dairy.

I am wondering if there is any one who has done this, and what the result was. I have read that those who have milk allergies (cow's milk protein) may also have an issue with soy. Is there anything else that could be causing this diarrhea? She now has mushy stools, no longer watery or explosive as they where. I have been giving her almond milk once a day in place of her favorite morning drink. She only had milk about twice a day...no more then three...and about half full or less of the take n toss sippy cups. She does eat cheese and I do cook with milk.

Also, one mom tells me that her child has had diarrhea for a long period of time and that it was caused from teething. When I asked the nurse they told me that this would only cause it for a few days at the most....not a weeks like we have been dealing with.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated.


Louise - posted on 03/17/2011




At two your daughter will be getting her back molars and it could be that. Some children do cut teeth with an upset stomach but if you think it is more than that then you have to start somewhere. I would be very skeptical about taking all dairy out of the diet for a long period of time. You may remove the milk and a tooth comes through so the upset stomach would go away as well. I think you have to be consistant here and remove all other milk substitutes and stick to it for at least three days. I would remove all milk and dairy for two days and then introduce just milk no other dairy for three days and see what happends. Then if she is ok introduce youghurt for three days as well and see what happends then cheese. If you have a reaction to the cows milk then stop all dairy again for three days and start on the soy milk and so on. It is the only way really you are going to find out what is wrong with her and if it is dietry or teeth. This must be a nightmare for you but you need to know one way or the other. Good luck!

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