Danielle Hates Potty Training! HELP!

Cami - posted on 04/26/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




I need any new and interesting ideas for potty training a soon to be 3 yr old girl. Danielle was ready right before she turned two and had used the potty and we bought her panties etc. Then she got sick and had diarrhea for a week. So now, she will sit on the potty after she goes in a pull up and she screams if I ask her to go when the pull up is dry. I don't want to traumatize her but, jeez, aren't girls supposed to be EASY to potty train?


Tesha - posted on 04/27/2009




Hi there! I struggled with my first too on potty training. The only way that worked for me was to set a timer every 30 minutes to remind me, and she would hear the buzzer too and know it was time to go potty. It sounds like a lot but it's so easy once you get on a schedule. It doesn't matter if they have to go or not...they at least have to sit on the toilet and try. For #2, I would say, ok ready?...one...two...three....PUSH!! Don't make it too big of a deal as far as giving them things to do on the potty, I would recommend taking the books away, just have her do her business...wipe, wash hands and be done with it. Praise her and clap and cheer and make it exciting every time she goes. Make a fool out of yourself by being so proud. I had my daughter trained in ONE WEEK doing it this way! Take away the pull-ups (because it's just like a diaper and they think they can go in their pants still). If they go in there clothes, they won't want to continue doing that because they don't like the wet jeans and the feeling of wet on their clothes. Try this for 1-2 weeks...I guarantee it works!! You will be SO PROUD!!

Just remember to make it fun and if you have to...get on the potty first and pretend you go..or actually go. Tell her all her friends go on the potty...does she want to be the only one who doesn't?

Tell her if she goes on the potty 4 times w/out an accident...you'll get her a treat. A little toy, or an ice cream cone from McDonalds. That worked for my daughter too.

Best of Luck!

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