Daughter won't poop on potty. ARGH!!!!

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My daugher is 3 and she goes consistantly on the potty (pee only) at about a 95% rate. However she will not go poop on the potty. Any ideas? We have incentives, we make a big deal about pee on the potty. She's in cotton trainers, not pull ups. I ask her regularly if she has to go. She'll tell me "No I don't have to go poopoo" and 10 seconds later ask to be changed.


Melissa - posted on 01/25/2010




WOW, stubborn lil lady you got there. I have pottytrained sooooo many children in my years of daycare (9 years). My advice is that if you know she needs to poop (like she makes a face or hides or does it same time everyday) put her on the potty. dont ask her. And if she screams and cries its not the end of the world. I PROMISE. Sit with her read her a book sing songs and the urge to poop will come and she will naturally know what to do. If it gets to be over 20mins and still no BM i would try leaving her in the bathroom alone. Leave the door cracked so you can watch her without her seeing you but the quiet and the waiting will again give her the urge to go. She is 3, she pees in the potty she knows thats where her poo goes. Good Luck. feel free to ask me if you have any more questions


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Amy - posted on 01/25/2010




daddy told our daughter she was too old for pull ups and we stopped using them entirely. if she had them on, she used it as an excuse to go. anyway, daddy said she was 3 and he wanted to use the money to buy things like chocolate for her. m& ms? heck no. daddy bought Godiva. ones with sparkly wrappers, pretty designs. and she got one every time she pooped. it only took a month [yeah, it was a bit expensive,b ut worth it to me!] we slowly ran out of chocolate and said, oh, we'll have to buy some, have this cookie instead. it was a lifesaver. i have a 9 month old and am glad to not have to change pants anymore! she did have a few pee accidents this month - usually near nite when she gets tired before bed. but she sure always go poop in the potty! i also had her announce loudly that she had to poop and she got to show her baby brother she went poo in the potty - to her a big deal. "look what i can do!" we at her accomplishment and that helped too.

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Melissa - thank you for your input. I try to catch my daughter when she goes to hide/squat so I can rush her to the potty. We've had a few successes but 9 times out of 10 I'm distracted with making dinner or chasing my 10 month old, laundry, etc...

I'll keep trying, I know she'll get there eventually, in the mean time I'll just have to keep washing poopy underwear, LOL!!

LaLasha - posted on 01/25/2010




huh doing a bm on the potty is hard for some kids keep encouraging her umm high fiber diet so it is easy for her to do a bm and lots and lots of fluids so it stays loose and maybe show her you bm on the potty to that helped my daughter it felt strange for me but I Think it clicked for her that we do that on the potty too

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