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hi, i have a 9month old son who has decided he no longer wants day sleeps...he goes to bed at 7-730pm and is up at 5am...he gets tired around 8-830am so goes for a nap but only sleeps for 20-30 mins...then he is up for the rest of the day....he used to go back down at 12 for 1 1/2 - 2 hrs but seems hes had enough of going nuts!! any suggestions??


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Jackie - posted on 07/23/2010




Shortly after that stage my daughter dropped her morning nap and her afternoon nap jus became longer. I would get rid of the early morning cat nap...yes he is tired and yes he will be cranky the first few days...but keep him up a couple hours longer and get in a mid day nap that can last for a reasonable amount of time. If he's only sleeping for 20 minutes he's not getting truly rested need to find what time works for him. Maybe it'll be late morning versus after lunch...and you can just feed him lunch later or something.

I do agree there is likely still a "good" time where he will sleep b/c that is awfully young to drop the nap totally...just need to find the right routine.

Kathy - posted on 07/23/2010




if he is getting up at 5am, he is over tired. most kids get up somewhere between. 5am wake-ups are normal for newborns as their bodies become adjusted to being outside the womb and their circadian rhythms (aka internal clocks) are maturing. by 9mos, your baby's internal is mature.

do not skip any naps as you will have a hysterical overtired baby. he is also probably going through the dreaded 9mos regression - very common - and this lasts about 4wks (sorry but it's true!).

you will need to adjust his schedule so that he is waking, sleeping and eating at appropriate times in order to set his internal clock. think about adults - our clocks are set to feel hungry and sleepy at certain times of the day. daily activities such as work, errands that we run, dinner etc all play a role in setting our clock to feel sleepy/hungry. babies are the same way except they need US to dictate their routine for them.

PM me for more details; but please, don't keep him up thinking that's what he needs because i assure you it's not. this is just a phase that does pass and i can help you out. PM me.

Louise - posted on 07/23/2010




This is very young to be cutting out a day sleep. You need to set a routine for his day and this should include a lunch time sleep. Try and put him down awake after his lunch in a darkened room and leave him for half an hour to self sooth (go back in if he is screaming the place down and resettle) and try to encourage him to sleep. If he has not settled or is distressed then get him up but try the next day. I put my daughter down every lunch time when she was this age and sometimes she slept and sometimes she didn't. Now age 20 months she asks for nite nites straight after lunch.This is her routine and she is used to it.

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Try skipping the morning nap and try for an afternoon nap of an hour to two hours.
It might take some fiddling with his schedule, but basically he's overtired and therefore not settling enough to sleep soundly.

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