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my son hates daycare! He has been in and out due to expense and also due to the fact that he never wants to go. when I dropped him off if something exciting was going on like painting or music he would just walk away from me but most days he would throw a fit to stay with me. I hope to start him back in daycare when he turns 3 in Janurary any suggestions?

Do you think I am messing with his head by putting him i and removing him? However, like I said the main reason for removing him was the cost!


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Rachel - posted on 09/29/2009




I had my daughter in a home day care it made her feel like she went to a friends house she really liked it the lady that watched her really cared for her so it made her really happy to go.One of the rules in the daycare was not to lie to your child when you leave so they understand what is going on. I also found that home daycares costed less than a facility and it includes home cooked meals!!

Lorraine - posted on 09/29/2009




hi my son is two and i decided to put him in day care for one day a week because i just couldn't get things done at home and he just wanted my attention all day and night i'm with him all the time but no he still has to scream for attention he has no other siblings so i thought this would help to spend some time with other kids and it has, he no longer has tantroms for attention and when i pick him up he is all excited and has had a good day. yeah they do carry on when you first take them there but they soon forget about it once they get destracted and play, so in the end i think the money is worth while plus you can give yourself a treat or go to the doctors on those day's or just relax i really feel better for it to so good luck with him .

Angela - posted on 09/29/2009





my son is 3 in aprill and he has been in and out of daycare since he was 1. i am putting him back in daycare in january

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