Dealing with terrible two's!

Rachel - posted on 04/16/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm having trouble getting my 2 year old to listen to me. She is so defiant and does the opposite of what I tell her. Spanking her does nothing anymore because I've had to spank her so many times. Time out doesn't work, she'll beat me out the room. She just has a mind of her own and I know she is just trying to see how far she can go. I need to find a way to turn the negative behavior into positive behavior. Any suggestions?


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Amanda - posted on 04/19/2009



2 advise? Drink heavily until they are three! Juuust kidding. and good luck.

Laci - posted on 04/16/2009




I work at a daycare and what we do there is when they really wont listen or are throwing a fit we lay them across or legs, tummy side down, and lay our arms across their back and bounce them up and down until they calm down and then they are ready to listen. I know it sounds dumb but I use it on my son who will be 2 in June and it really does work.

Chris - posted on 04/16/2009




try treating her like a little adult, she is only trying to become independant. if i want to do something with my 2 year old i give her a few minutes warning first, eg she hates to have a bath,so 5 mins before i will tell her. " 5 mins more playtime then we r going to have a bath"

she will moan but then go back to playing, then i will count down 2 more mins, then 1 more min. ok it time to go upstairs!! she will maon and say no, but i let her take a toy of her choosing into the bath. so she feels its on her terms.

or if i forget the reigns, lula hates holding my hand. if she wont hold my hand then i hold the hood of her jacket, which she hates evenmore. and i dont let go until she holds my hand. she soon puts her hand out to be held!!

u have to be firm but fair and follow through with the consequnces.

spanking is useless as its just showing ur daughter that u have lost control of the situation. she obviously knows how far to push u to get a reation. u have got to get tough but treat her with respect.

try thinking how u would deal with an adult who was annoying you, you woulnt yell and hit them. you would probably talk in calm low voice, as to make them listen. with a firm tone so they understand you are annoyed.

it will take time but  stick with it xxxx

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