Desperately need tips on how to get my son to eat fruits and vegetables again!

Gisselle - posted on 06/17/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 2.5 years old. Up till he was 1 year old, he preferred only fruits and vegetables. He would eat only chicken and vegetables if they were pureed. I started to put more meat on his plate in the hope that when he finished the fruit / veggie and he was still hungry he would nonetheless eat whatever is left on his plate. This worked. Unfortunately he liked meat so much that by the time he was 18 months he started refusing fruits and veggies he used to love. I was not so worried because he still was eating some (avocados, bananas, spinach, pumpkin). Just before he turned two he would not eat any of them at all. He eats all meat (steak, pork, chicken) and fish (breaded, roasted or pan-grilled without sauce), rice, bread, joghurt, spaghetti (without sauce), eggs. I tried making fruits / veggies fun by making shapes out of them. I tried Jessica Seinfeld's recipes. I hid pureed cauliflower in his omelet but after two bites he was on to me. He refused to even try an omelet for a week after that so i stopped. I made milk shakes blended with fruit (he loves milk). I am appalled with all the food i throw away uneaten. He has a huge appetite for the few foods that he likes that is why he is actually a healthy size (65th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height). I give him a multi-vitamin supplement and my doctor thinks he is getting enough. But i want him to learn healthy eating habits and have a more varied diet. Sorry for ranting and thank you in advance for any tips you can give me.


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Yep, just keep offering. If he sees you eating vegetables and they are in front of him regularly he'll pick up the healthy eating habit. My boy will be 3 in a couple of weeks and has been through picky stages. For example, he stopped eating all vegetables and fruits for awhile. I got him started again by using reverse psychology. 'This is my banana, I'm going to leave it on the table here, don't eat it, it's mine', mentioned it a few times until he was begging for a little bit of 'my' banana, then I told him 'only a little bit' so he ate the whole thing! A few times doing that and he's back to eating bananas by choice. We stayed on a farmstay recently and fed the horses carrots. Now carrots are 'horsey carrots' and he's happy to eat them again and has started eating other vegetables again.

Food is one of the rare areas of their life that toddlers have control over, so it's natural for them to test the boundaries. I know my son sometimes doesn't eat some foods simply because he knows I want him to. It's just something we need to work through I guess.


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Keep offering them. I let my son eat squeezy tubes of baby fruit to get some fruit into him and make carrot cake/zucchini muffins (low carb with almond meal, coconut and barely any sugar), sometimes I do carrot sticks before a meal, then the meal then fruit after in bite size pieces so they aren't intimidated by serving sizes.

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