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can anyone please tell me the best leak proof diaper to use overnight for sensitive skin. Just got huggies pure and natural today to try......have been reading reviews online and i'm so confused. We were using pampers drymax and baby dry leak proof but very very bad rash.....so i googled today and had my hubby go get these huggies pure and natural to try......now we got em.....i'm reading about how bad they leak and epecially over night.......also have been reading the same about seventh generation diapers........can anyone help......would really like to get rid of the bad rash frm the pampers but dont want to have another type of rash from diapers that leak and leak overnite.......any help would be greatly appreciated


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Prabha - posted on 04/06/2011




I agree with Elizabeth. Try moving a size up. It worked for my little one and the only nappies that worked for my little one are huggies but he did have some nappy rashes even with that. I used Desitin regularly for about 10 days which did help. I would say that its not just the night time but even in the day time if I do not change the nappies for every 3-4hrs the problem keeps recurring.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/05/2011




if you are having issues with leakage..move up a size ..or reduce the feedings at night..

if you are looking for a horror story search online..there's always someone complaining about something lol
My suggestion is try it for yourself and see.

We use Huggies or Pampers baby dry ..whichever is on sale...you could also try the Kirkland brand at costco. I prefer the huggies over pampers because the gel inside doesn't get as big.

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