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Ashley - posted on 03/15/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




my daughter will be 4 in june and still wears diapers at bedtime. we tried just underwear for about 2 weeks and there was an accident 9 times out of 10. is she not ready to have diapers off at bedtime yet? or should i continue to just do underwear? we even try waking her up to have her go, but shes a HARD sleeper!


Alison - posted on 03/15/2011




My son is 3 and he still wears pull ups to bed but i can guarantee that when he gets up on a morning the pullup is soaking wet. I am currently limiting his juice intake before he goes to bed and he isnt waking up so wet on a morning. I find that he is quite an heavy sleeper too like myself when i was younger so I am just going to wait to see if the saying "they will let you know themselves when there ready". I think all kids are different so i would try not to push the issue she will let you know when she is ready.


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Elizabeth - posted on 04/07/2011




Obviously not. If she were ready she wouldn't be wetting. Continue with the diapers at night ..it is normal for a child her age to still wet the bed..even up until age 10.

The reasons why:

-deep sleepers

-underdeveloped bladder (which is fixed with age only)

-lack of control at night

Be patient..NEVER get mad..it isn't her fault and certainly not on purpose. It can be humiliating for a child to be wetting the bed still.

EDIT: forgot to add ..you can get a mattress protector..they sell them in vinyl and plastic and limit fluids after 6pm

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