Did you have trouble with you kid(s) about biting?if so please tell me how you broke them of it.

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I have an 18 month old son who loves to bite whether he is angry or just for fun. I have tried numerous things and nothing seems to work. I have tried hot sauce he just eats that and goes on,i have tried time outs, spanking, and biting back. Am I doing something wrong or what?....I am in need of help so please help me.


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I started using the same words I used when my son would fall and hurt himself. I made a point to say hurt ect when he got hurt so that he would understand what it ment. And then I applied it to the his bitting, telling him no, it's not nice, and we don't do that. I made sure I would use those phrases as often as possible through out all the days. But ultimately I wouldn't make a big deal of it, kids will continue bad behaviors if it gets them the attention they are wanting, even if it's negative attention. I simply told my son no and used the usual language for the issue of bitting and then moved on and ignored him until he chose to move on and do something else. When kids act out, they are often attempting to get more attention simply because they feel they need a little more. So it always works well to not only empliment the wording I mentioned but also be sure to spend more time learning about things with your son. A lot of times that helps smooth behaviors out more than anything else.

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