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help i have a 3 .5 yr old boy and 20 month old boy i currently have no form of discipline and find myself giving in for an easy life i struggle day by day ive spoilt them a lot ! i wish theyd listen x


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Melanie - posted on 05/03/2011




hello.. i was in the same boat and am. i feel the same as u but u cannot give in .. Im telling u. My now is 14 and the way he turned out when he does not get his own way. Pardon my french but its HELL..If i knew what i know now. OMG i so would do things differently as he still has tantrums and yes hes 14..My girl rite now is 2 and a half.. What i do is now when she whines or wants something i make her wait till i am ready as WE R THE ADULTS. WE RUN THE SHOW...now mommy put that foot down PLEASE I BEG..The key word is CHOICES..Get down on there level eye contact a must....YOU give him a choice and then expl the consequence. Give him space then go back and ask what he decieded.. That will make him feel responsible and a big boy...

September - posted on 07/22/2010




I'm all about love and logic! It works like a charm with our 20 month old son. I'm reading a book called Parenting with Love and Logic and I just love it! It's worth checking out! Good luck!

Karen - posted on 07/21/2010




Try reading "Unconditional Parenting" by Alfie Kohn. He helps you think through what discipline really is, what your are trying to accomplish and how to best go about it. It's really excellent and lines up with Positive/gentle discipline and Attached Parenting.

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You need to get a form of discipline in place. Being consistent is key. I count to 3 and if my son doesn't listen he gets a time out. If you are interested in reading a book about positive discipline there is an excellent one called 1-2-3 Magic by Dr. Thomas Phelan.

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