Discipline for 25 month old, pulling my hair out!

Katy - posted on 11/26/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )




OK, my son is a terror. He hits me, climbs on anything and everything, throws toys ect. I feel like a failure as a mom because I cannot discipline him. Not that I do not try but he doesn't listen. I have tried time out and he literally laughs at me. That is the worse part. I get so frustrated but I am at my wits end!! Will he out grow this or am I cursed with a problem child? Any advice is welcome.


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Katy - posted on 11/30/2008




The crib is a good idea but my son climbs out. I used to put him in there as a timeout but not anymore. SIGH!

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Sure this is not an easy situation for anyone...and doesn't mean your a failed mom! It means you need the tools to deal with an ever changing situation!

I agree with Chrisandra's post...disipline should be consistent. What I do with my son (just turned 2) when he's naughty, is threaten to "put him in his bed by himself". This is his timeout spot (because he's still in his crib and can be contained). I'm sure a therapist would have some comment on using that location for the timeout, but my son enjoys his bed, and understands why he gets left in their when he's naughty...which is the other part: I make an effort to explain to my son WHY he is in trouble.

Ex. If my son throws toys, I ask one time to stop (in a serious voice, making eye contact, no smiles). If he does it again, I say "if you do that one more time, you will go in your bed by yourself". Then if he does it again, he get briskly whisked away and put in his bed (no toys). He usually cries for a good period during which I leave him alone. After I think he's passed sufficient time in there, I re-enter the room, make him say "sorry" and again RE-EXPLAIN to him WHY he was in trouble. Your son might just continue to laugh if you do a time out in this way, but at least he'll be in a safe place, with no toys, and you can leave him "by himself" in theory and cool down yourself! :)

I also agree that boys need some "wrestling" time. Even if it's with mom! Hitting is not acceptable, but if he seems REALLY hyper, why not try taking 10 minutes to tickle and roll around and play to expend some of that boy energy? While doing so, sometimes my son gets carried away and might throw in a punch out of excitement, to which I say "ow! That hurt mommy. Say sorry. No hitting. We can play, but if you will hit, you will go in your bed by yourself."

I wish you luck!

Chrisandra - posted on 11/26/2008




Oh what a dilema you have. I have a son just a few months older who has tried my patience time and again. I learned early on that if he understood that his actions bother me (I cry in front of him), he changes his behavior. I also recieved the best advice from a Dad: Make sure your son knows who is in charge.

Take the time to stop what you are doing to discipline him. I have called back so many people because of this. I have found that if i have the 'mom face' he stops. Or even laughter has helped. He still got in trouble and I spared his life.

On another level I noticed that when his dad is around and he can get his aggression out, his temperment is better with me. If you can, allow your son some 'man time'. Even if your son only sits in the room with a man it's beneficial. Something about male bonding makes a nicer son.

Just hang in there. It should change if you stay strong and firm.

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