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Hello I am Karen married mom with three kids two girls and a son all under ten years old, I use spanking. and other discipline like corner time, and chor's.. Please tell me what other moms do no bashing please


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Ev - posted on 11/23/2017




I swatted the kids bottoms sometimes as little ones but most times even as little ones I used other methods to teach lessons and expected behaviors. I had to use different things with both of my kids and today they are both mature, responsible adults.

Leslie - posted on 11/21/2017




I have 4 kids and not the same punishment is effective for each child, at least in my experience anyway! I use timeouts, take away favorite items, grounding for my older kids, and if nothing else works and only as a last resort, I will swat them on their butt...mostly to get their attention after everything else has failed. A lot of times I just have to threaten a spanking and they will turn their behavior around. It is very rare that I have had to spank my kids. I've also found that once they hit a certain age, spankings are not effective at all. It actually does more damage to our relationship then it's worth! I think the best thing is to figure out what works for each child individually and go from there.

Ebony - posted on 11/20/2017




I have a 4 year old daughter and the ways i discipline her is to simply allow my daughter to know that I am disappointed or take things away. I very rarely spank her, it has to be very serious for me to spank her.

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