Do you consider gum to be candy? Do you allow your 5 yr old to chew gum? why?

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I have allowed my child to chew gum since he turned 5, so it's been 10 months now. In no way do I consider gum to be candy. I personally feel that gum is ok to chew especially when it's sugar free gum. My husband on the other hand says that I should limit the gum due to the fact that he does consider it candy since it is in the candy section whenever you buy one at the store. Gum should be treated as candy, therefore he can not chew a stick of gum after he has had an ice cream. Am I wrong for allowing my child to chew gum? Should I consider gum to be candy too? or continue to classify it as a breath mint/refreshener?


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Sugar free gum is more harmful than gum with sugar. Artificial sugar is the worst thing you can give your kid. It's is one of the biggest misconceptions of the food industry. It's so bad for you. You are better off letting them have sugar, even though that not much better. If you want to give them something to help their teeth, an apple is the best thing. My husband ate an apple every day of his childhood and he has the most perfect teeth.

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My husband and I allow our 4 year old to chew gum as long as it's sugar free. It's good for their teeth (some gums) but... it can possibly take a toll on jaw bones if chewed constantly... I see nothing wrong with gum once in a while or 3-4 times a week... The kids think their getting candy but really it's like the are kinda brushing their teeth!! I think its a win win...


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I plan to treat it as candy. I want my son to think of it as a huge treat and not a habit or must have. I've heard that there are benefits to chewing sugar free gum because it increases saliva which helps reduce the chance of cavities. But, gum chewing (especially Trident) gives me mouth ulcers. I don't like the idea of my son having the artificial sweetners.

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what is the benefit of letting your child chew gum? there is the healthier mouth argument, but that can also be done by brushing and flossing teeth. so what is left? I just see no logical reason why I would give my child gum. I would much rather my child think cherry tomatoe's are treats - they are sweet, snackable, and healthy! And really easy to grow too!

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gum isnt good for children or adults even. it turns the stomach acids( which is bad for your tummy) as if it were ready to get food and break it down but isnt actually getting food. and it is not good for there jaws either. i have four kids ages 8,6,5 and two and have never had gum it just isnt good for opinion as well as my family doctor

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dont battle with the hubby over gum. you will have bigger issues when your son is 15 like mine is now, you should limit the amount he chews on the gum like maybe only for 30 minutes at a time. If this is a real issue with dad let dad pick out the gum, make him part of the decision he might look over all the new types and see your point as gum not being a "candy" give dad a chance and you will all win...

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