Does anybody have any ideas about how to get my three year old daughter interested in using the toilet? She doesnt want to do it at all. It worries me a little bit.


Maureen - posted on 02/21/2009




My daughter had no interest until she was 3.5 years old. I made a big deal about being done before preschool started in the fall. I would give her a coin anytime she sat on the potty. More would be given if she actually went something. She had to sit and count to 10-15 before she could get off. The pull ups made changing her easier but she would just use them as a diaper and not care to use the toilet. If she still naps put her on the toilet when she wakes up and then every couple of hours. Having her wet her pants might help her realize what is going on. My daughter is now five and just recently stopped using the pull ups at night. She will start when she is ready. I tried to make it fun for her. Good luck.


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Tia - posted on 02/19/2009




I'm going to be starting my daughter on the potty within the next month, shes two. Some ideas I have would be to buy a potty that suits her. Maybe go shopping for one. Tell her its her day and that you are going shopping with her to buy a new potty that she gets to pick out. Target is a great place, babys r us and toys r us have a great selection too. It may intrest her in that way. Once you have the potty she wants or likes, place it in the bathroom.. let her come in every time you use the bathroom, to show her how its done. My daughter comes in and sits on her toilet everytime I use it. She asks for toilet paper and then pretends to flush. This can introduce it in big way, showing her that mommy can do it and is a big girl ;) may show her that hey i can do it too, i want to be a big girl like mommy. Some other things to try would be potty books, ones with fun noises and lots of pictures to show her how it goes. Teach her that its a good thing, give her lots of positive feedback. You can practice with her for a while and then really start to do it. Let her wear big girl pull ups as a transformation from being a baby in diapers to a big girl in big girl undies/pull ups!

hope this helps some. keep us posted!

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