does anyone else have a problem with getting their 2 yr old to eat anything?

Mandy - posted on 05/20/2010 ( 15 moms have responded )




my son will only eat peanut butter, cheese, and crackers. if i refuse those items, he refuses to eat. i only give him drinks out of fear of dehydration, add multivitamin to his morning 2% milk, and only give him water with a splash of juice. i'm worried about this habit. he's growing, and thriving, but it just doesn't seem normal to me. i don't know what to do and could really use some advice.


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Kayla - posted on 05/25/2010




im having the same problem with my 20month old its drives me crazy but like my doc. says as long as shes growing everythings fine its normal for a toddler to be picky and not eat anything but they will eat when they are ready

if my daughters having one of those weeks i offer her a morning "platter" with fruit veggies sandwich meat crackers and cheese leave it on her table and let her eat when shes hungry
i make her lunch if she eats it or not she is offered yogurt later
fruit a little after (most of the snacks dont get touched but i make them is small portions) and dinners dinner
just make sure theres healthy things out dont give in to cookies and what not mid day

i always keep a treat around mini M&Ms if she eats her lunch or dinner she gets a handful

just dont forget its normal your sons just learning that he can pick what he wants and he can say no to you

he will come around just try to relax and let him tell you when hes ready

Nancy - posted on 05/25/2010




my son is 2 yrs 4 months and he is not eating as well. I actually force him to eat. I give him a cup of weetabix in the morning before going to daycare. He normally doesnt eat at the daycare but he will drink milk so I increased his milk which he finishes. He still eats his mashed up baby food but I dont want to keep on giving him that although its better than nothing. I try giving him fruits and he also loves chicken which I let him eat as much as he wants. For dinner I basically force him to eat okra which is vegetable that pulls and that is easier for him to swallow. Apparently this is normal for this stage and eventually they will start eating on their own.I have also noticed that when he doesnt snack in between meals then he eats well as he is really hungry...

Mandy - posted on 05/25/2010




OK ladies, i've given a try to a few of these suggestions. and my son won. i couldn't stand the crying from hunger, and gave in. he ended up downing 5 eggos, then went quietly to bed with no argument. i think between the v8 splash, cheerios, peanut butter, yogurt and milk, and a renewed love of sweet peas, we are going to be ok. he's def growing, an outfit that fit him last week is too small today. so, maybe i have been worried for no reason. my hubs was a VERY picky eater as a child, and to an extent, still is. thanks again for all the advice, tho i am mixing them together to make my own way, i did find some sound advice on this page! :) thinking positive and trying to not let it upset me when he won't eat. now, the funny thing is, my 11 month old won't stop eating. he eats his helping, tries to get his brother's, and if i don't keep my plate outta reach.......... he gets mine too! amazes me how 2 people from the same parents can be sooooo different!

Ashley - posted on 05/25/2010




My oldest wont eat meat! Unless its a hotdog!!! Thats the only meat that she will normally eat. We offer it to her all the time and try and get at least one bite in her a meal and hten maybe she will eat more of it. If she has A1 or ketchup he will normally eat a couple bites but we go throw like a bottle a week trying to get her to eat! Its the little things that count to kids.

Clara - posted on 05/25/2010




Dont get nervous this is very normal my daughter who is now 10 would at 1 only eat hot dogs to the point of becoming allergic it got to the point where she wouldnt eat all day in protest i found myself feeding her in the middle of the night untill her doctor said stop they are not gonna starve themselves they just know what they can get away with.

Christina - posted on 05/24/2010




All three of my kids are PICKY. If it weren't for peanut butter they would weigh 1 pound more than a skeleton! I offer them whatever I eat, but they always refuse. My 4 year old probably hasn't eaten a vegetable since she was 1 year old, even though I offer them daily. I feel for you...I wish I knew the answer!

Mandy - posted on 05/24/2010




thank you ladies! i will give these ideas a shot! i did get some V8 splash instead of juicy juice. i know the nutritional value is higher! hoping one of these ideas will work. but, i must say, i think i have the strangest of children. he doesn't like bread or anything red. even turns his nose up to hot dogs! but, i did get him back to his love of sweet peas. so, maybe we are starting on the happy eating path!!!!

Ashley - posted on 05/21/2010




I have a 3 and a 2 yr old and they eat what I cook or they dont eat. It takes a lot to hold your ground some days but they will learn that they eat when the food is around and they will eat what is cooked. Our kids wanted to eat just a couple of bites and then ask for a snack 20 mins after supper. We had to stand strong with this too. You at least have to try everything that is on ur plate. If you dont like it thats one thing but if you just dont want to eat it bc you know you can get a snack in a hr or so than thats not good for you or your child.

If nothing else you it has a reward. You eat all your vegs that mommy put on ur plate and you can have some crackers. I do that with pottying and my 2 yr old. If you potty in the potty than mommy will give you one gummy..By the end of the day she has maybe had half a package of gummies. Really you wont go through that many crackers and your 2 yr old will start to eat.

Christine - posted on 05/21/2010




Ok.. this may sound gross.. but you can hide food.

Peanut butter.. blend it with some carrots or zuchini or what not.. he won't even know it's in there.. but he'll be getting the nutrition with it.

Cheese.. kinda have to deal with that one.. all kids love cheese.. but maybe make it where he gets cheese if he eats it on beans.. (my toddler LOVES beans and rice).. I give her brown rice, let her choose her beans.. black, pinto, or red.. and then put shredded cheese on it.. she gets her cheese..but its mixed in with other foods..

crackers.. get crackers that are whole wheat at least.. that has nutritional value.. and you can even get from Ritz, the vegetable crackers..

but at least then he gets some nutritional foods.

I had a friend and her son was difficult with food.. she use to give him carnation drink.. which was like a chocolate milk but had tons of vitamins in it..

and maybe introduce some new foods to him.. that would interest him.. like a lot of kids love pizza.. you can make him little personal pizzas and hide the veggies in it.. spinach mixes in well with a tomato sauce.. and carrots too..

but I think you need to sneak in his nutritional foods.

Jerry Seinfeld's wife.. she did a book on how to hid vegetables and such in kids foods..

I never got it.. because it's never been an issuein our house.. but there are a lot of people who love it.

Also two more ideas..

make a rule.. he doesn't have to eat something but he needs to at least try it. Our daughter is 3 1/2 and is going through apicky stage.. and we set that rule.. and so far there are some foods that she initially says ew.. but she knows the rule so she has to try it.. and more than half the time.. she loves it ! So that rule has helped us.. she knows we're not going to make her eat something she doesn't like.. and that one bite.. we let her spit it out if she doesn't like it even.. so that works for us.

the other thing I was going to suggest.. is let him take part in helping make the food. Kids love to help.. and so let him help put together a fruit salad.. you cut the fruit, and he puts it in the bowl.. or he helps you wash some strawberries.. what ever.. but let him help you .. and he may be more interested in eating what he's making with you.

So those are my ideas. Good luck !

Jackie - posted on 05/21/2010




my daughter is extremely picky too but everytime i ask her pedi if i should be worried or giving vitamins or anything he says no. everyone i've talked to said all kids go through these phases and they eventually grow out of them. i wish she'd grow out of it faster...but just remind yourself as long as they are thriving that's the main thing.

I do feel your pain though, my daughter only eats mac n cheese, pizza, grilled cheese and pasta (for lunch & dinner...breakfast its cereal and fruit or toast). And even appears to be getting sick of the mac n cheese...not cool.

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Do peanut butter sandwich for lunch and dinner is what ever you made for dinner.
He will eat when he is hungry. And once he realizes nothing is coming if he doesn't eat what is offered to him he will start eating.
By doing the peanut butter sandwich at lunch helps you feel better because you know he has eaten at least one meal out of the day.

Don't force him to eat what is for dinner, just put some on his plate and leave it be. Be encouraging when he does take a bite and even more so if he goes back for more.

Trust me, as much as we worry, they will not starve themselves.

Good luck!

Patricia - posted on 05/20/2010




Yes! in fact my pediatrician finally decided to let me see a specialist. hes supposed to be a picky eater psychologist.
Ive tried everything, and starving them dosent work. it only makes the kid think he can get away with eating whenever they want

Adrienne - posted on 05/20/2010




I have the same problem with my 2.5 year old but he eats only sandwiches... My mother told me I did the same thing at his age. The only thing she suggested was to give him what we ate and have him try it and then give him a sandwich. She said that I grew out of it and he will too. I also started to give him pedisure and baby jar veggies which he calls "soup". We eat whole wheat bread instead of white which makes me feel better.

Nancy - posted on 05/20/2010




Why don't u try to show him that he is a boy and that he has to eat everything give him the crackers, a little cheese and tell him to put it in the garbage if you keep the rest don't let him see it.. Is hard but in 1 day he would not have more chaise that he would ask you for regular food.. Good Luck let me know how it goes... So far I have to control my son in eating but he is great in eating.

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