Does anyone have a 3 year old that refuses to eat any kind of vegies?

Vanessa - posted on 02/12/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My little boy will not eat any vegetables and only a limited amount of fruit, and yet junk food goes down extremely well, I need some suggestions as to how I can introduce a healthier diet.


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You know our 3 yr old gets the same way but recently we cant afford junk food, not that we keep a whole lot in our house anyways but we buy like M&M's and cookies,etc. Anyways we have just gotten to the point where he has to eat what we give him because it just gets too expensive and he, in the past, has been terrible with constipation, so what we started doing(i dont do this every night because we dont always have veggies incuded in dinner) but we say "this is all your getting so clean up your plate or no dessert" and if he doesnt eat it we make him eat it for breakfast, and if he doesnt do it for breakfast, he gets it for lunch. Kids wont starve themselves, they are smart. He usually eats it by lunch because he's hungry. And it can take a few times of doing that but before you know it, he's eating what we gave him. We dont just feed him a plateful of veggies for dinner , we add chicken or something but we make him clean up his plate and his portions are small so its not like we are filling him too much. Anyways I hope this helps. There are times I will mix Veggies in with something,like rice or goulosh. Good luck and God Bless!

Wendy - posted on 02/12/2010




I think we all share this problem... Our solotion works on occation...when its stops working we have to of course get more creative...Try making savoury muggins (muffin mix) ...bitesize...or a big tray...cut it into bars. But put minute pieces of carrot strips etc. in....worked for a about six months.

Mince with lots of veggies over rice (add small pieces of veggies in after mince cooked)

Or even soup, 'n chicken or noodle soup with lots of small pieces of vegies.(also added after soup done cooking).

Toffie apples is always a good idea - not as healthy but atleast the apple gets eaten and instead of a glazed toffie apple maybe just put a thin layer of ising sugar mix of - stil sweel but the apple inside is stil fresh and healthy and I think kids bodies need a little sugar - after all as children we ate any and everything and we are still alive and well.

I am sorry that i dont know where you are from - so i am not sure about what you eat there and what culture diffirence there might be or what is available there. but i sincerely hope it works for you ....le tme know if you think of something that works we are always looking for new ideas. best of luck

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my daughter was exactly the same, she hated any kind of veg wouldn't even attempt to try it so what I would do is put loads of veg, peas,carrots,mushroom etc in things like shepherds pie, or casseroles. I started it off in really small pieces so she didn't see any of it then after a while I started making the chunks bigger and bigger until she started to notice it then if she questioned it I would tell her its always been in it and she ate it last time so she would eat it, (most of the time) then eventually I started putting it seperately on her plate and if she'd say she didnt like it I would tell her its the same as in the mince..... now she loves veg and I think that because of that she will even try new veg, I would tell her she try the "peas" and liked them so if she tried the "carrots" she might like them too and it usually works.
I think really that worked for me so it may be worth trying but the best thing i can say is keep going with it and start with 1 veg at a time so he doesnt feel to overwelmed by them all . I hope this helps :-)

Marcy - posted on 02/12/2010




Vanessa-First off, try and substitute out the junk food. if you normally buy oreas for example try fig neutons, regular chips try SunChips....we don't keep junk food in the house on a routine basis. Another thing that I bought which he loves are Kids Cliff Bars. In regards to fruits and veggies just kepe introducing them to him but make it fun. My son will eat broccoli, green beans and edomame beans but that is it in the veggie dept. He won't even discuss fruit with me so I make fruit smoothies and then freeze them in to pops or do my own juice with oranges and bananas. I also sneak a ton of veggies in to pasta sauce .

We have a snack drawer at home that he can reach but it is filled with "good" snacks. Take him shopping with you and let him pick out some good snacks. Not sure if you have a Trader Joe's near you but they have a great selection of healthy options including fruit snacks, roll ups etc but they are organic.


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