Does anyone have any advice regarding potty training? What is the most appropriate age to begin?


Holly - posted on 04/10/2011




I agree that the best age to start potty training depends upon the child. My son was staying most nights at 18 months and we started potty training him successfully at age 2. On the other hand, we started potty training my daughter at age 2 also and she had quite a lot of accidents and continued wetting her bed for years. The most important part of potty training in my opinion is maintaining a positive attitude, treating accidents matter of factly and making sure not to make the child feel bad about having an accident. If you do find that your child wets the bed at night you may want to consider using a fleece blanket under them. Fleece repels water and I found that if I put my daughter in a diaper at night she would continue to pee at night whereas leaving the diaper off taught her not to pee at night because when she did she noticed. Good luck! No matter what remember that it will happen eventually.

Oh, and summertime is a great time to start potty training because you can let them run around naked outside. This makes them notice when they pee. Having an awareness of when you pee is the first step in being able to control it.

Khadijah - posted on 04/09/2011




Hi Nicole! Honestly I don't think there's and exact age to begin. Its pretty much when you think your child is ready. I tried potty training my twin girls 3 times. Once at 18 months, then again at 21 months, and now here I am at 26 months making a go of it again. Look for the readiness signs in your child such as: ability to remove clothing, showing interest in the potty, gets irritated by wetness in diaper, able to walk and speak (a child doesn't have to say full sentences to potty train, only to be able to communicate in some way that they have to use the potty). He/She should also have the ability of going several hours without wetting their diaper. For other signs you might want to look up "potty training: signs of readiness" and see what else you can find.

So far one of my girls is about 80% potty trained whereas the other wants nothing to do with the pot. I am hoping she will catch on from her sister, but in the meantime I'm not going to push her. I know she'll do it in her own time.

Hope this help you a bit. Best of luck!


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Mothtoflame - posted on 04/10/2011




I agree with Khadijah there is no real age. It does depend on when your child appears ready and shows the signs she listed. Dont try to rush it will just make things harder and more frustrating for both of you. Not being potty trained does not mean your child is developing slower than others it really doesnt matter at what age they are they all get there in the end xxx

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