Does anyone have any suggestions on how i can continue to potty train my 17m old daughter while attending groups that are already a bit competitive? I feel i will receieve alot of comments when i arrive with a potty as she is quite young


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Tarilyn - posted on 02/03/2009




Don't stress about what other people say. You want to know the truth, my daughter started potty training at 10 months old...her request. She asked me the day she hit 10 months old, to go potty. We bought her a potty and she's been using it ever since. We still have accidents, but she does pretty good. What I do say though, is don't let other peoples opinions get to you. I have been criticized NON STOP by family (well my husbands family really...and some of mine), friends, other mothers, other parents in our groups and our daughters classes...but don't let them get to you. It's NOT worth it! You know what is best for your family and your child. If she's ready to be training, then she's ready! It's none of their damn business! You keep doing what you feel is right!

Brenda - posted on 02/03/2009




I totally agree with Kotie on this one....who the heck cares about what others think! YOU are the Mom and YOU know your child best. If you feel she is ready for potty training, then GO FOR IT!!! My daughter began potty training at 15 months and was in panties at 18 months. Some members of my family couldn’t believe it and said she couldn’t possibly be ready, however, my daughter was the one that actually initiated going on the potty so I knew she was ready. Consistency is a very important part of potty training, so keep doing what you’re doing!

Kotie - posted on 01/28/2009




Stop stressing about other people!!!  You will put unnecessary pressure on yourself and your little one.  Why get into competition with the Jones'??  Let them fight it out amongst them and laugh in your sleeve!!

My baby turned two in Jan, and I can see he is not ready for potty training - so I will wait.  My eldest used a dummy until he turned 3 - it made him happy - so I did't care what other people say.  He left it when he was good and ready.

My child's wishes and needs are more important.

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