does anyone know where i can find a decent priced double stroller... and in good condition?!


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You could always try Craigslist. Cosignment stores are even better since they wont accept anything that isn't in good condition (or at least they shouldn't).

If you are in the US there is a big consigment sale program called Just Between Friends. They are very picky about what goes into their sales. However their sales (at least in my area) are only twice a year.

Louise - posted on 03/18/2011




I would look on ebay as these strollers are not normally used for longer than six months. Most mums that use them have a child that is about 2 when they have there second baby and find that they only need a single buggy after a few months as the older child either walks or is at play group and the mum only needs one stroller. I would look there if I were you as they are so expensive and not used for long.

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