Does anyone's 2 year old not talk clearly yet?

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I understand some of what she says however she is turning 2 soon and still doesnt talk entirely clear. What do I do ...? Should I be worried? Last time she was at the doctor she wasnt worried about her development,etc. Any good places to get a great deal on books and other learning stuff for her age..?


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My son is 2 and half and doesn't talk clearly either.
There are several things you can do to help - model good language skills for your child, talk properly around your child! we all know how much they model us! A follow up to that is to never repeat the incorret word back to them - for example, my son calls Banana's "nanas" - but I NEVER call them that - I always call them BANANAS. I dopn't scold him - because I don't want him to be afraid to talk, I just always say things correctly. Finally - one of hte best things, is to simply read to your child.

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My son is 22 months old and still doesn't talk. I'm not concerned, he has just started daycare and will hopefully pick up talking. The only word he says is

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My son is 2 and though he has lots of words not all that clear.
All you can do is repeat the word back to your daughter and continue on. Don't make her repeat it over and over until she gets it right unless she shows and interest in doing so.
Read lots to her and sing songs with her and encourage her to join you. When you read a book together ask your daughter to name things in the picture. Or look at pictures and point out and name things in them (flowers, Gramma, Grampa, animals etc)

And sometimes a change in clarity can happen in as short a period of a couple of days/weeks things will go from being unclear to crystal clear. If your doctor wasn't worried, I wouldn't worry.


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My nephew is 23 months and hardly speaks. His doctor checked him for hearing problems, but didn't find any. Mom and dad are very quiet people, though and don't say much. The hearing specialist said to speak to the kid and name everything you touch, etc. I don't think it's working for my nephew because I see him everyday and he doesn't say much that anyone can understand. He is also very stubborn and refuses to learn any signs. He hardly looks at us when we speak to him. I heard somewhere that sometimes a kids' ear tubes can be plugged and once that is fixed they learn to speak better.
If I were you I would talk to your doctor about your concerns.
My son, who is now 7, didn't say much until 22 mos. But he didn follow instructions and new all his animal sounds and body parts. Now he's reading at a 4th grade level!

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My son will be 3 in January and doesn't speak completely clearly but I know what he's saying. I don't worry I know he will speak more and more clearly as he gets older. And in the meantime the way he talks now is so cute!

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I've heard this same concern many times from friends and former co-workers. When you catch up with these same people a year later and ask how their grandson, daughter, sister's kid doing, it's always, "oh yeah, can't shut 'um up now." It's hard to not be concerned and no matter what others say you will be, Do at least give yourself a rest from the worry from time to time by saying "today I won't let this particular worry be a concern."

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My son is 3 and still doesn't speak clearly. I'm a SAHM mom though, and he doesn't get a lot of exposure to other children his age. His development is fine and I'm not worried. It seems like every other day he's pronouncing new words correctly. I don't know if you stay at home or work, but I don't think you have anything to worry about, especially since your doctor says she's ok. We use flash cards, cardboard books, we draw, and basically I narrate almost my entire day to him. Here's how I handle him mispronouncing something. Today, he said to me, "Mommy I want a bandeesh." Bandeesh is his word for sandwich. I said back to him, "Ok, you want a sandwich?" I say it slowly and point at my mouth while I say that word and usually it works. He watches how my mouth forms around the word and sometimes he's able to get it right, sometimes not yet lol Like with sandwich, after I showed him (for about the 100th time) he improved, but still didn't get it perfect. "Sandeesh". And that's cool. Progress, not perfection :)

Edited to add: Oh, a good place to get books for free is a website called It's through Yahoo. You find a group in your area and join. Basically people pass on their unwanted things to other people who can use them, rather than throwing things away. I got a lot of books from that group and I miss Freecycle now that we've moved and there aren't any groups in my area :( You may also want to try either the library or a used book store. There's a used book store here in town that has good books really cheap and you can take books back and trade for credit on other books. I've spent a total of maybe $10 on books in the last 6 months and we have a TON of books. I just keep taking the ones he doesn't read anymore back to them, getting store credit and getting more "new" books. Good luck :)

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