Does anyones 21 month old open and close doors constantly?

Megan - posted on 05/09/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ever since my son was able to figure out how to open and close our doors in the house he won't stop doing it. My husband and I have tried pulling him away and distracting him with something else, but several minutes later he is back at it again. We have had him tested with early intervention since he was a preemie and has been behind in some things, but he has tested fine. Didn't know if this was just a very long phase or should I bring this up to his pediatrician. It is almost like he is obsessed with it.


Megan - posted on 05/12/2011




Well I am glad to know that my son is not acting in an odd way. Thanks ladies for letting me know that you’re experiencing somewhat the same thing. We actually put a baby gait in the hall way to stop him from getting to the doors. His daycare reports that he does nothing like that at her house and when we take him to other peoples houses he won’t do it either. I think he just like to annoy mommy and daddy by slamming the doors constantly at our home.


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Jen - posted on 05/11/2011




my son does this i found a easy way of stopping it a rubber door jammer you put it on top of the door and they wont be able to shut it at all but can push it too and still open it.

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My 21 month old loves doors. I think she is so obsessed with them because it is the latest thing she has learned how to do. She also loves to take my keys or my husbands and go up to a door and pretend to use the key while opening and closing them. We finally bought her blank keys from the hardware store so we didn't have to fight her each day to get them back. She also loves to play with our patio door, opens/closes it and then knocks like she is visiting. She also likes to take my husband or I into a room and shut us in only to come running back a minute or two later to let us back out. As I type this I am thinking about how often she really does it but even though I may use the term obsessed it isn’t like that is the only thing she does all day every day. I would say in some way, shape or form she plays with them daily but in different ways. She closes her dolls in a room, or pretends to be visiting the house, putting my husband or I in a room, or trying to figure out how to make her keys work like ours. She started out just opening/closing doors and now she has shown more imagination to her actions so I haven’t worried about her, aside from her smashing her hands, and figure she will grow out of it eventually.
I am not sure the exact details of your situation. If he plays with them constantly or how he plays with them but it sounds like you have done all the right things and even had him tested. I would bring it up to your pediatrician if it will bring you piece of mind. Hopefully it turns out to be nothing to worry about and it is just a phase. Best of luck!

Kimberly - posted on 05/09/2011




My daughter is 21 months and does the same thing almost, she hasn't quite figured out how to open the doors but she is the master of closing them. I don't think it is anything to worry about. They are at the age where they are wanting to be more independent and this is something that they can do on their own so they will over and over and over again.

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