does girls talk more before boys do?


Maggie - posted on 05/19/2009




from experiance so with my daughter and my friends son... oh ya! my daughter has over 50 words at 19 months and her son at 20 months maybe has 5-10 words. every kid is different though.


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Lori - posted on 05/19/2009




my son just turned 17 mths and he can say the basics like mama dada oh o and bear and now he dosen't say anything at all...he has a hard time with farm animal sounds he knows some but gets daughther new 2 colors red and blue and all her farm animals by 18 mths...but all kids are diffrent and we just repeat simple things for him to say everyday and get leap frog educatinal toys to help him.

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All children are different and begin talking at varying rates. How old is your son? Is he capable of asking for things? Don't give him what he wants when he whines. Encourage him to ask for it using words and praise him when he asks nicely. Sometimes I would hear only one word but at least I knew what my son wanted and he wasn't whining for it. I think they get very frustrated when they don't know how to communicate what they want and whining or crying comes naturally. It will get better with time. Just keep encouraging him to use his words and keep saying the words for him so he hears them a lot. If you say it nicely for him then perhaps he can mimic you.

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