Does my child get enough calcium?

Anastasia - posted on 04/15/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter is almost 16 months old ... I breastfed her until she was 14 months. Now I'm trying to give her Cows milk or Goats milk and she doesn't like any of it. I try and try and she just spits it out all the time. She eats cheese and yoghurt sometimes ... but is that enough calcium? Did anybody have a similar story? I'm just wondering if she should be taking a calcium supplement maybe?


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I'm almost in the same situation. I'm still nursing my daughter who is 13months but I want to stop soon, but I'm worried that she will not get enough calcium with just eating cheese and yogurt which she is taking. I also don't want to feed her cow’s milk because of our family allergies. So I'm wondering if I should try giving her a formula that has all the vitamins that she needs which is what a paediatrician recommended for me to do. I've talked with my friends who are in the same boat and they tried this but couldn’t get their babies to take it after nursing. Am thinking of making it as a milkshake or putting it in her cereals.

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As long as she is getting calcium from other sources she should be fine. And like others have said there are plenty of ways to get that without drinking milk.

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Remember lots of vegetables have calcium too, not just dairy. Especially leafy greens like spinach. And look for other calcium fortified foods like tofu or juice.

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When we first switched our son to whole milk he hated it! I was concerned so I took him to see his pediatrician for advice and suggestions. Here is what I've learned...children 1-3 years of age need 500mg of calcium a day. Milk is a great source of calcium however not the only source. Cheese, yogurt, white beans, chick peas, tofu, cabbage, broccoli, okra, oranges, cottage cheese, spinach, collard greens and potatoes are other great options as well. It's also important to remember that whole milk also provides healthy fats as well so if she is not drinking milk be sure she is getting healthy fats as well. Nuts, oils, butters, avocados and meats like beef contain healthy fats. I would suggest that you continue to encourage her to drink the whole milk. Even though our son did not like whole milk at 17 months he loves it! Also a multi-vitamin never hurts if you're worried; our son takes one everyday :) Good luck!

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I am an expert on calcuim! My daughter now 17 months has not drank milk since 10 weeks old as it upset her terribly. My poor daughter was put onto sloppy solids at 10 weeks. Now she is older she will drink cow and gate toddler milk as it smells more like vanilla milkshake than baby milk. Before that she was eatting, broccoli, white fish, white bread fortified with calcuim, cereals like cherrios and ready brek all fortified with calcuim, and of course eggs. Your daughter needs between 400- 500mg a day of calcuim there are 160mg in one pot of petit filou fromage frais. I also found a supplement for toddlers called Kindervital available at good health food shops. Two teaspoons a day wil give you 120mg which is a good start to the day. My daughter also does not like cheese so I do struggle to get the daily intake into her. Hope this helps

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my son dont like milktht much he will have it on breakfast n will eat yougurts n he loves milshakes but one have milk on its own

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