does she understand more than she lets on?

Sophie - posted on 04/15/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




i am due to have another baby in just over a week and my 2 year old has suddenly become very clingy. normally she loves my mum but for some reason she will not go to her and every time she picks her up, she cries and screams. i have told her that when mummy and daddy have to go and get the baby she will stay with nanna for a little while.... do you think that she might be scared of this and think we wont come back, or does she think the new baby will be loved more than her? im at a loss, i dont know what to tell her to make her be ok with it as im not sure how much she understands! please help!!


Stacy - posted on 04/15/2009




Hi  I went through a similar thing with my now 3yr old. I think they think we are going to get a new baby and possibly not come back, like we are replacing them. And yes she probably thinks she's being dumped on Nanna lol. I told my wee girl that the new baby was her brother her wee baby brother and it was her job when he was born (i had a home birth with my second) to love him and help mummy that seemed to help. One year on she loves "her baby" and you would never know she dreaded his coming :) hope that helps lol and good luck!!!!

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