does your child get dressed by him/herself?

Julie - posted on 04/01/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My daughter just turned 2 and will barely help me put her coat on her. Should she be able to dress herself?


Trina - posted on 04/02/2010




Hi. Every child is different. Some are way more independent and curious than others. Just use the opportunities as teaching moments. My little one is1 yr & a 1/2. She doesn't get dressed on her own, but she knows when i'm (un) dressing her to put her arms up, or hold her foot out... she helps pull things over her head or down and she tries her best to put her arms thru the holes. lol, but she definitely needs guidance. She's always had a natural curiosity for outside. She loves to get dressed and go. When I say "outside", she'll say "bye-bye". She wants to go. Plus, I've worked in early childhood ed in preschool for 3 yrs, and some 3 - 5 yr olds don't wanna half help get themselves dressed. Please! Hun, just give her time, be patient and she'll help out in time. Introduce games, if that'll help.

Lee - posted on 04/01/2010




Don't stress. Most kids can do it but just wont. It is still hard the coordination skills at this age. It does involve both sides of the brain to work at the same time. Most Kids still require some help until about 3, and then many still with some things we think should be easy for another year or 2. My 3 year old can put her socks and shoes on, she can pull up her pants but she cant quite get getting into her pants, she still cant get both arms into a top, she can jut a jacket or coat on but sometimes its still twisted. My now 10 years old could dress herself easily at 3, but then the arguing started about what she was wearing, because i would get her clothes out but she would come out in something very different, like a light fairy dress in the middle of winter. Don't be to hard on your daughter or your self, your daughter has just turned 2 and probably likes the attention she gets while you help her get dressed, it might drive you nuts now but you will miss it latter. Good Luck


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Amy - posted on 04/03/2010




at 2 i just held the coat up for my daughter and she stuck her lil arms in. She was almost 3 and completely dressing herself. Every now and then she has issues getting dressed - head gets stuck or she freaks that her panties are one backwards. I just calmly tell her it's nothing to worry about and to ask if she needs help. At 2 your daughter won't likely be able to dress herself, but she should help you out. Like when you hold up pants and she can hold on to you and step in or help push her arms through sleeves,etc.

ALEXIA - posted on 04/02/2010




my daughter will be 3 in april she can undress herself well and has started dressing alone but still needs help! it takes practice! i have 5 yo's in my class who still need help

Julie - posted on 04/02/2010




Thank you. I do feel better about it now. She is advanced in some ways for a 2 year old so I think I expect her to be doing more. I am sure she does love the attention, and I don't mind giving it to her.

Annemaree - posted on 04/02/2010




lol sorry i have a 6 yr old who refuses to dress herself u have many more yrs of this yet good luck

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