Doesn't chew food!

Robin - posted on 07/27/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hello, Skylar is 15 months old and always shows an interest in what we're eating but when i offer her solids even minced up she doesnt chew and just gets it stuck to the roof of her mouth. I have offered her every type of food, given to her one way or another..she still wants the bottle and really only wants oatmeal. She seems small but has always grown and her Dr. doesnt seem worried. I hate it because I feel like she's always hungry! Why cant she chew food?


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Jessica - posted on 08/02/2009




if she is eating oat meal than use that as a start and add everything to it. It is just an idea but it can't hurt. I read some where it takes you like 38 times to used to new food so just keep trying.

Stephanie - posted on 08/01/2009




Hi, my son had the same problem. He is 19 months now. He was on baby food, #2, for the longest time. Gradually, I introduced #3 baby food and that seemed to help him with chunkier textures. I tried mashing up "real" food, like a banana, but he still tried to swallow it and would choke. Eventually, he learned to chew by watching us chew. Don't worry about it too much. The fact that she is interested in what you are eating is a good sign that she is not too far away from figuring out she needs to chew. One of the first things I did with "real" food that seemed to work was to make 1/4 cup of instant oatmeal and add a #2 fruit to it. I also made instant grits with a bit of sea salt, which seemed to work because although it is lumpy it broke up into tiny bits in his mouth.

I am now able to give my baby some solid foods and he finally understands he is supposed to chew before swallowing. Now the problem is he has particular tastes and doesn't like everything. Gradually his tastes are expanding and I can give him more solids, but I always keep plenty of the baby food on hand to fill in any gaps. I carry it with me in his diaper bag, just in case he doesn't like something when we are out. At least he will have something to eat.

Good luck! She will figure it out. I kept thinking - he has to learn at some point. I have never seen an adult out there not chewing because they don't know how - in fact, I have never seen a school-aged child not chewing either!

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