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I sometimes feel i lack imagination when it comes to playing with my 2 and a half year old. As a mum i obviously have all of the housework to do but try to keep some time where i play with him. He loves his cars and is happy to "brmm" them around the house all day but when he asks "play with me mummy" i kind of hit a blank! Does anyone else find this? I try to do puzzles with him and read and when weather permits we do go out a lot but he does love his cars - i just feel i don't interact much when it comes to "brmming"! Thanks.


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When I was younger, I'd babysit/play with my younger boy cousins and they would want to play legos. They would be happy to build cars, drive them around, crash them, and build them again. I would be building a house with rooms and people and as a girl, I'd just think about it differently. Boys tend to play pretty independently, so maybe he doesn't need you to be terribly creative. Here are some ideas though: make up places you're traveling in the cars, crash the cars, call for a medic, pretend you're on a mission to find a city or a lost car, have a race, give the cars special powers, come up with ways the car might break down and then fix the cars, build an obstacle course for the cars, make a "garage" for the cars from a box. I hope those ideas help. If not, maybe he'll decide he'd just rather play on his own and stop asking you to play cars with him. :)

Amy - posted on 07/15/2009




my daughter is 2 and i sometimes have the same problem... what about playdoh, Izzy loves when i play playdoh with her, she asks me to make things and i do, and shes happy, she just likes to squish the colors together, but she still has fun, or hide and seek... i mean, there is very few places in my house that i can actually fit in to hide, but shes 2 and she doesnt really care....she still laughs when she finds me in the same spot every time...lol . what about a mom and tots workout video?? just some ideas off the top of my head. if i think of more ill let you know... good luck!!

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