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Mandy - posted on 04/07/2009 ( 6 moms have responded )




How in the world do u get your child to stop running out the door when he feels like it?? or if you are in the store?? I have done a locks on the door and using those leashes, but he thows a tantrum everytime! but I am looking more along of teaching him how it is a no no, and not to do it but he continues to push my buttons!!!


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Rachel - posted on 04/09/2009




I use the reins when I'm out. I started using them when my son started walking so that if he fell I would stop him falling all the way to the floor but now I use them for safety. He sometimes throws a tantrum when I put them on him and when he does that I force him to wear the harness and he either sits on the floor wearing the harness until he stops screaming or I pick him up by the harness and carry him by it allowing him to put his feet on the floor and walk with me. Either way he wears the harness. Now that he is three I explain to him that it is to keep him safe and he puts it on before we leave the house which saves us any embarressing fights in shops. He is happy to wear it when I tell him that he's not wearing it because of being naughty, he's a good boy but he must wear it to keep him safe. It's taken some time to get to that point though. I have already bought another set for my 1 year old daughter too.

Jackie - posted on 04/08/2009




that is hilarious cause that reminds me of my own son, 4yr old bearly 5... he is havoc i tell you... exactly the same, you know i always thought it was my own child doing that, now i realise I'm not alone, sorry i don't have any suggestions, only the 5 second rule and that works lol, but good luck bud, Jax

Mandy - posted on 04/08/2009




Thank you so much! yes we have that lock on the door.. and we have the gate up now too... only cuz we forgot for a brief minute to lock that door and when we had our back turned... he was out the door!!!! so its like a double percausion not just for us but for his safety..

I think God gave me children to learn patience.. cuz I am HORRIBLE at it..  LOL

Gabrielle - posted on 04/08/2009




Let him throw a tantrum. Especially at home. So what if he does? As long he's not hurting himself, he can make all the noise he wants at home. When he calms down, then you can talk about it. If he throws a tantrum at the store, pick him up and leave. My DD is small enough, if she starts a throw-down in a store, I just pick her up under my arm and start walking. I just tell her, "Nope, you're not doing this. You're done." Then when she's calm I tell her that if she runs away I get very scared, and I might cry. (Crying is a buzz word for her.) I also tell her she'll get lost like Nemo, and I would have to look all over for her like Nemo's daddy (she loves that movie).

We also have 3 rules for going into a store, and we go over them often. She's even instructed her stuffed animal about the rules. One, no running in the store. Two, no running away. Three, if we tell her to leave something alone, she has to stop playing with it. It seems to help to have it all spelled out before we even get in the store.

Hanan - posted on 04/07/2009




On our doors at home we have the safety locks that go on the top of the doors..its very hard for as child to reach and very hard to open even for some adults lol

How old is your son?? i usually tell my kids you have to stay by me or else you'll get lost or someone will take you away. if they don't listen i put them in a cart and if they act out i simply leave, they have to understand if they can't behave they are not allowed at the store with me and I remind them before i get there. it's very hard but if he is young its hard for him to understand you just have to be patient.

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