Febrile Seizures

Keri - posted on 04/05/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Does anyone had experiance with febrile seizures? My angel had one on Friday and it was the single mot horrifying moment of my life. I thank God that she is ok now but would like more information so I can react better if it happens again.


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I have had some experience! Not that long ago, my son was 15 months old when he had 3 in 12 hours. It was brought on by a chest infection, it had happened so quickly his temp didnt start to go up untilabout 4 in the afternoon and by 6 he was convulsing.

I was terrified as it happened when we were driving andhe had turned blue and stopped breathing. It is heriditary, his father had them as a child, and we were told it could happen again. but it would be ok if they lasted less then 2 mins after they had stopped take him the ER so they can find the cause and if they last longer then that call the ambos! My son is now 21 months and has just gotten a bad head cold where he did get a bit hot but lucky enough nothing has happened ( touch wood) We have watched him very closely and will do with any other children. Our 3 yr old has never had anything like it. another thing is it is more common in boys then girls.... But she will be ok just when they even look like they are going to get sick start doing what ever you can to keep them at a normal temp!

Meryl - posted on 04/06/2010




That must have been dreadful. Glad she's ok but you must be on tenterhooks? I'm sure the best advice you can get would be from your Doctor or Health visitor. I'd love to give you some advice but have not had the experience with my own child only with a few children at school. It's a case of positioning them properly, cooling them down if they are overheating etc but you need proper advice rather than anecdotal. Perhaps it is more support and having a shared experience with others that you are seeking here? all the best.

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