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Saskia - posted on 09/30/2009




I started my son at 5 and a half months he was well ready constantly feeding 2 weeks before I started ( I was breastfeeding him until 9 months only stop because of my second pregnancy).

I started with baby cereal for about 2 weeks and after that I prepared him simple veggie purees (broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots...). I tried each one for a few days before I moved on to the next to rule out any allergies. At around 7 months I started fruit and mixed purees and pureed meat and fish, yogurt etc. each time I introduced a new food I'd try it several days again to rule out any allergies.

I prepared ALL meals myself so I knew what he was eating and found it was easier to prepare 5 meals and 3 fruity purees in big amounts at the start of the months so he had a variety throughout it saved cooking every day. I froze these in ice cube trays to make it easier to make up baby friendly portions.

I hope my advice helped and good look

Maegen - posted on 09/29/2009




My son came out almost 8 pounds, not to big. But man he was a hungry hungry boy. After discussing it with his pedatrition he started ceral around 2 months and baby food around 3. Its all in what the baby does and how he reacts. Trust your mommy instincts

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I started my son on rice cereal at 4 months. Then every 3 days I introduced a new stage 1 food. He was huge (almost 10 pounds at birth) and ready for solids at that age. Some babies aren't ready for solids until they are 6 months so see what your baby's doctor recommends.

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