Feeding my child is a nightmare! Any advice gratefully appreciated!

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My daughter is 18 months old and 16lbs. Her pediatrician is concerned she hasn't been gaining weight for about 6 months. My daughter only takes is 700-900 calories a day instead of the recommend 1000. Feeding time is usually an hour + long affair that features kicking, spitting, throwing food on the floor, spitting out mostly chewed food, crying, yelling,and the most terrifying shaking around like she's having a seizure (don't worry she's not! She just likes the sound her chair makes and mommy's look of horror)she will act full and not 5 minutes after being allowed to play will go try and eat someone else's food. I'm at my wits end here pediatrician has mentioned a g-tube as worst case scenario to feed her while she sleeps and the thought is utterly terrifying for me. Please help


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A few things you can try......the first couple are not great habits to do, but might help to get her going. First is try a tv, ipad, phone that plays some kids videos as she eats. Not something you want to d o long term, but might distract her enough to eat her meal. The other not so great habit you could try is having her move around when eating. Allow her to get down move around and come back to her plate. Just keep her meal out and let her eat it in her own time, just don't feed other things....stick to her meal. Again not a long term fix, but might help get things moving in the right direction.

A few other things to make sure.....make sure she is not snacking too close to meal time or eating too many snack foods. Make sure she is not drinking her meals.....drinking too much liquid that it fills her up to not eat as much food. Third make sure there is not a food issue......such as sensory. If that is the case there are placed that work with kids and eating.....go that route instead of feeding tube as that does not resolve the issue.

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