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Kerry - posted on 10/29/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi all: My 13 month old baby girl developed her first fever Sunday night and it has spiked as high as 40.2 at different times during the day. She does have a runny nose and a small cough but no vomiting, diarhea, she is eating less but is drinking loads of water. I spoke to a nurse on Tuesday who said when her temp reahces 40 she should go to the hospital and I decided to take her to see the Dr. who told me that fevers in toddlers are so common that it would be ridiculous for every parent to run to the emergency room. He told us that lots of toddlers will have fevers while they have a cold and; unless she is so listless that she is not responding or if your gut instinct says something is wrong, then it is ok to treat her with Motrin, no jammies...etc. My question is... Has anyone else had a baby with a fever that lasted more than 3 days with high spikes. The nurse that I spoke with is very knowledgable and educated in her field...but the Dr is...well a Dr. They kind of contradicted one another. Thanks


Kelly - posted on 10/30/2008




I work in health care and from what I understand, it's more normal for a baby/kid to spike a temp of 104 (40.2) than an adult. My doctor told me with my son that sometimes babies spike temps for no reason. When my little guy (now 3) was 13 months old, he spiked a temp of 104, had a runny nose, and diarhea. The doctor drew blood work and said it was most likely a virus. We treated him with motrin, then tylenol 3 hours later, then motrin in 3 hrs etc. He cut 4 molars a couple of days later, and as my husband and I were talking about it, we realized he had the same symptoms with every tooth-just not a temp that high. My daugter, whose 9 months is following the same pattern. We just make sure to keep pedialyte, tylenol, and motrin available at all times. Good luck!!


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Jessica - posted on 11/05/2008




My now 5 year old used to spike high fevers when she was little. The fever would get to the point where I couldn't give her tylenol orally I had to give her the rectal Feverall. I would also put her in a luke warm bath to bring the fever down. The fever would last sometimes 3 or 4 days before breaking. She would then end up breaking out in a rash a day after the fever broke. My youngest is almost two and she is the opposite of my first daughter. Every child is different, but I agree always have Feverall, Motrin (if old enough), Tylenol, and Pedialyte on hand. I actually like to keep the freezer pops from Pedialyte because kids tend to like those a lot. Best of luck to you.

Michelle - posted on 11/05/2008




My son son had a fever when he was 17months old which resulted in a convulsion which is scary the drs recommend when they have a fever to give Ibruprofen and then Paracetamol (Calpol) to top up as this is excellent for reducing the tempreture. I was told if the convulsion lasts more than a min or two to ring for an ambulance very scary but he has only had the two none since. They Usually stop when a child is 5.

Danielle - posted on 10/29/2008




My girl had a super high fever at around 13-14 months too. i think it got as high as 40.7 and that was very scary for us. i was tempted to rush her to the emergency room, but i didnt... we were at my SIL's house when it spiked... so we brought her home. gave her a luke warm, nearly cold bath. and had some naked time lying down on an airmattress i keep for when she's sick...(so i can sleep in her room) the fever subsided and she slept amazingly that night. but was still sick again the next day.... i didnt get any info from a dr. or nurse.... but alot of moms and grammas. apparently toddlers get higher fevers then adults, i'm not sure on the reason why. but after about 48 hours of peaking at around 40.2-7 she finally broke her last fever and was like a whole new girl.

i'm not sure what the deal was with that. she was a generally healthy baby then, and still is now. who knows!

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