First day of Daycare worries

Heather - posted on 05/30/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my son Adel went to day care for the first time today. He turned 2 in february and my husband and I both have jobs for the first time in what feels like forever. My husbands is only part time, which works better for taking him to day care. When he went to pick Adel up today, he cried like crazy and couldn't wait to leave. My husband says the day care woman didn't tell him anything about his day and just went into the kitchen. After talking to my mother-in-law, I took her advice and called the woman to ask questions about his day. She says he was upset when he realized my husband was no longer there, and every so often he would walk around the house looking for him, but that he slept well and ate decently too. I asked her to be sure to give us a daily update on how much he eats, sleeps etc at the end of each day, and she seemed glad to do so. What do you think? Did your kids have a hard time adjusting to daycare? Is his reaction normal, or should we worry?


Anne - posted on 05/31/2011




Both of my kids cried for about 4 weeks. After the first week though, they only cried when I dropped them off and when I picked them up. Everyone at the day care told me they were fine as soon as I was gone.
You have to remember that this is probably the first time that your son is away from you and with a stranger (not grandma or neighbor). He might also think that you are abandoning him. Don't stress too much about it. This behavior is normal and he will start to like going. Just give him a month to adjust.

PS. My 4 1/2 year old has been going to daycare since he was 2. Part-time. He still hates going. He doesn't cry and he doesn't dislike being there, but he just prefers spending time with me.
My 7-year old though, loved preschool (after the 4 week adjustment period) and still loves going to school.

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