First time flyer with an over active 2 year old in tow need advice/suggestions to make it through!

Jenna - posted on 05/07/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




In a few weeks my son and I will be getting on a plane for our first flight ever. My son is over-active and Im terrified he will throw quite a few tantrums on our 3 hour flight. I am in desperate need of advice on how to make the ride go smooth. Any help/tips/suggestions/advice would be great!!


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Esther - posted on 05/10/2009




My son is only 16 months old but we have flown several times with him already (all our relatives live in Europe). It's different at every age but I think the biggest thing is to just try not to stress about it. I get nervous every time, but I'm surprised every time at how much easier it is than I had feared. And our flights are much longer (about 8 hours each way). You'll be fine. Just check-in early so you allow yourself plenty of time to get through security and on the plane etc. You don't want to have to rush and stress. Other than that, remind yourself that EVEN IF your worst fears come true and he creates total chaos during the entire flight, it's only 3 hours of your life and you will probably never see any of the people on the plane ever again, so who cares what they think. However, on all the flights we have taken, we have seen many many kids and they are always just fine. Just try to enjoy your trip.

Lorraine - posted on 05/10/2009




I just did this myself in April. I was so scared. I was flying with my 2 year old son to Florida (almost 3 hr flight) by myself. The best advice I got was to bring a portable DVD player with a few favorite movies. Also pack a few favorite snacks and a drink. All the prep I did, my son was only awake for about 20 mins each flight. What a relief, but better to be safe than sorry. ALso make sure your bringing his car seat. He will be a lot safer and he will be restrained so you won;t have to struggle with him.

Rebecca - posted on 05/07/2009




I flew with my very active son for the first time last summer. he throws major tanturms and i was really nervous. i packed him a bag of his fav toys and books. I also went to the dollar store and bought a few lil toys and books and wrapped them. when he would get a lil busy i gave him a "present" which would entertain him for a bit because its new! he also really loved the take off and landing so he got to sit by the window to watch out the window.that kept him very busy except for when we were in the clouds.

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