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My son is 16 months old and a pretty good eater. He knows that when he's done eating he signs "all done". But lately we have been having problems with him dumping over his bowls or plates and then dropping (and sometimes throwing) food on the floor. I have tried taking away the food but that's what he wants...that's why he's throwing it on the floor. I have tried saying "no" and even squeezing or lightly slapping his hand but he just doesn't get the hint. It doesn't happen every time he eats but it is often. Please help!


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That's actually a developmental milestone -- recognizing cause and effect. It's perfectly normal and isn't an issue about him not wanting the food -- it's about him learning that if he does x, then y will happen. I suggest a floor mat and a bowl that has a suction cup on the bottom. It won't prevent it from happening completely, but it might slow him down a bit.

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