Food for my 2 year old.

Heather - posted on 01/06/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




My son only seems to want to eat yogurt, pizza, or pepperoni. I ask him what he wants for dinner, I get one of the three. How do I get him to eat what his father and I have for dinner? I don't feel right sending him to bed hungry, but I don't want to give in to him either. What should I do?


Amber - posted on 01/07/2010




Don't become a short order cook by making 2 differnet meals. I agree that you shouldn't send him to bed hungry, but don't give in to him. He's 2, he won't starve himself. You could always try gerber graduate snacks between meals and make the food differnet colors. A plate of foods all the same color is boring and he won't want to eat it.

Lisa - posted on 01/06/2010




Hi Heather, I too have a picky 2 year old! Try letting your son help you cook--- like make scrambled eggs let him crack them, or let him stir when you cook--that usually works with my son.

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Kristy - posted on 01/21/2010




I agree dont go making two meals, and yes get your little one to help cook. I have a 4 year old who is the same, not so much picky but content not to eat full stop. Trust me your little man will not starve, if you send him to bed without food. I worried for ages because she wouldnt eat, but have been reasured by peads drs and child health nurses not to worry as long as she is healthy and not under weight. They told me recently that kids at this age only need about a 3rd of the amount us adults eat and are better off eating up to 6 very small meals a day. Its all hit and miss but you need to be tough he isnt goingto starve himself

Coleen - posted on 01/07/2010




Yes its hard cause it pulls at your heart strings knowing that if you dont give them what they want, they will go to bed hungry..My daughter had a similar problem when she was about 3 years old, all she wanted to eat was nuggets and chips,not Mcdonalds either as we never had one of them in our small town. I would cook a meal for us with meat,vegies, fish ,chips and salads(she liked tomato and lettuce),spaghetti and tried to make that fun for her by sucking up the,pasta dishes didn't matter what she still just wanted her nuggets. Her dad was a bugger because he is a coke freak,so she just wanted to drink that too. It use to drive me insane!. Unfortuneatly she ended up in hospital dehydrated cause she would only drink coke and wasnt getting enough fruit and vegies....It wasnt a very pleasant experience but we made her realise the importance of eating other foods,as she wasnt a very good patient in hospital either they saw the struggles we had with her to eat decent food.It was hard but she gradually started eating things like jellies and custard. When I made the jelly I use to add some diced apples or any sort of fruit diced up it,when it set it was beautiful.Rhubarb and custard was another thing she liked but I made them as a dessert and she got them when she finished her dinner.It was was so frustrating when all she wanted was nuggets no matter what meal,to she pretty much ate anything I put in front of her.Fish fingers was another popular meal for her,with salad and a few chips,and I swapped tomato sauce with salad dressing. Nuggets then turned into an actual treat for her and I swapped the coke for a fruit smoothie that she use to help and watch me make for her....and Dad, he cut back on coke!!....hahaha

Boen - posted on 01/06/2010




Give him a choice of two things both of which your eating and if you have to send him to bed without eating he'll only do once or twice...I had to do it with my own :) Dont give'll be hard a first but it'll work.

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