from crib to toddler bed ?

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My son is not yet one yr, will be in 2 months. He is already standing and pulling up on things to stand up. My husband and I plan on getting our son a toddler bed once he starts walking, but is that too soon? I am wondering at what point is it in his development that he should be in a toddler bed? I don't want him to fall out of bed at night etc. Anyone have any ideas or experience with transition from crib to toddler bed? ty for your help.


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Honestly..I would wait until he is about 18 months and get a real bed. I'm not sure what his sleep habits are like now but if you have a child who is happy and sleeping well..changing beds turns their lives upside down and if you can eliminate doing it 2 times...from crib to toddler bed then toddler bed to bed...I HIGHLY recommend it.

Edit..forgot to the bed and then purchase rails to go on the sides ..I did this for both of my children at 18 months

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I kept my son in a crib until he could climb out (he was 22 months when he did it). then I went out and bought a twin mattress, and put it right on the floor. that way if he rolled out of bed he only had a few inches to "fall". it was easy for him ot get into- great for jumping on (we are pro jumping on the bed household).

The first night we talked about his big boy bed, and he helped me put the sheets on it. the transition was really smooth.

I made sure his entire room was baby proof. I put a gate up across the doorway to his room so he couldn't get out. I keep only a couple of low stimulation toys in his room (things like shape puzzles or blocks, nothing with batteries) and a handful of books.

In the first few months, occasionally he would get up and empty out all the clothes from his drawers. So the next day we would always practice putting them back. Sure I did msot of the work, but now, at the age of three, he helps me sort the laundry and puts away all of his own clothes.

Good luck!


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I did the same as Elizabeth in that I skipped the toddler bed. honestly - i don't have the money to buy a toddler bed and then a year or two later a big bed. I just went straight to the big bed. I also skipped the expense of rails as i put the mattress right on the floor (which is carpeted). The few times my son rolled out he either slept through it - or it woke him enough that he crawled right back into bed. never was I brought in to soothe over falling out of bed. aka - less effort on my part. :)

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I was told at my sons one year check up that we should start trying to get him used to it. He will be two this month and we are just now trying and its hell. It never hurts to try. I would think as long as he is able to get in and out of the bed without problems then everything should be ok

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