From the time that my daugther was born she has only been around mom and dad, and when she goes around others she cries why, and what can I do to help you stop?


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Traci - posted on 06/18/2009




I believe its what they say happens when a child has sepereation anxiety.. It will happen for a while. Both of my toddlers went through the same thing... I just kept taking them around others and the more they were around people the less they cried. Also, if you go to church put her in the sundayschool class for her age group. because its only an hour or 2 that she will be in it.. and if they have beepers for parents take a beeper. but the more intereation you give her through activies where there are other children and adults the less she will cry... it will take a little time and patience but it will eventually happen... hope this helps you out.

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