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My son is 18 1/2 months old and I am getting so frustrated! Let me explain.. At tax time we bought him a singing potty which we kept in an area he plays in and he does play with it on occasion. I was also given a cover that sits over our seat so he can use the big potty. I have been letting him get familiar with both and he does sit on both for long periods of time but still has not went in either of them. He goes to the restroom with me and when I sit him on the big potty like I do he will grab toilet paper and try to wipe himself not needed but he knows that I do this lol within the past week he has actually got up on the big potty all by himself and sat, keeps taking his diaper off like he did today and he peed on my coffee table! I diapered him back and he went poo and took his diaper off again! I spent ALL morning just letting him run around the house diaperless and was taking him to potty every 10 to 15 mins after quite a few hours I decided it was time to clean and I wasnt going to be paying enough attention to get him to the potty that often is when I diapered him and the above mentioned incidents happened. The frustrating part is that he can hold his bladder sooooo long sometimes almost all day and I either diaper him or he has an accident on the floor he waits until I take him off the potty then he goes! He is still young and I have tried to explain to him he goes potty and poo here but he don't seem to understand! PLEASE if anyone has any suggestions! I think if he accidently went in the potty he would totally get it but how do I get him to do that!


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This is how you get a child to accidentally potty so that they can make that connection. First hydrate them very well, lots of juice ect. Just keep the juice coming for half the day or so. This will give you some successes on going potty every 10-15 min. If you have him go without a diaper, the sign to watch for is an enlarged penis. Not just grown men have that happen, they did it as boys too. For success with pooping when that step comes along for you, have him full of veggies and fruit (few days in a row) to help move the bm along. Cut down dairy products if possible to make sure things will go as you want. Hydration is also important for easy bm's.

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