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Juanita - posted on 08/30/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hi AlI, I would like to know if anyone have any suggestions with a fuzzy eater. My little one is 20 months, and only eats a hand full every day. The only things she eats is: All the fruits, ricecrispy’s, bread with only butter on, plain rice/noddles, with nothing in it. Some times mixed veggies (corn, carrot and peas), Some times scramble eggs, and then she likes her snacks, only 2 a day. She drinks water most of the day, but no more than 2 small cups and milk before bedtime and sometime ill gives her a juice with lunch. This is ALL she eats, she do not eat meat in any way, no cheese, no sauce, no nothing else!!!
Still put the food we eat before her every night, but she will not even touch it! Have tried to say to her there is nothing else to eat, and then take her out of the highchair and say to her to go play in room, and then much later ill give her something to eat like a banana. But still with the next feeding she still refuse to eat anything else???? Pleasssse help!!!


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It is just the age, they are picky at this age. My daughter is 2 and 9 months and doesnt eat much at all, her doctor says its just normal for kids her age to not eat much, they are naturally picky. They will eat when they are hungry. I also give my daughter the food we eat and it pretty much all goes to waste lol, it is pretty frustrating, but it's normal. :)

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I have two little ones, almost 3 and almost 4, and they are pretty fussy to, they tend to go in spurts, but I just give them what they typically like and every couple of weeks try something new, eventually they will start to like new stuff, and I give them a multi vitamin everyday. Over time they have started to eat all kinds of different things, for the longest time they wouldn't even touch potatoes, but now they are finally eating them, my youngest still gags on them a bit, but she is making the effort to try. I have learned that they will not starve themselves,just keep at it and eventually she should start to like new stuff, I also heard that their little taste buds are way more sensitive to tastes than ours are, so what might be good to us might be awful to them, good luck, hope it helps :)

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Thankfully my daughter wasn't a fussy eater, but have you tried to make her food fun? Maybe make healthy cookies or something and into cool shapes that she'd eat? Have you tried fish? Or nuts for protien? My cousin was an EXTREMELY picky eater and dinner was a nightmare everyday. Only plain everything so he'd get what we ate but plain and uncooked veggies as well. Have you tried things like and egg in the whole (namse verry just a piece of toast buttered both sides and fried with an egg in a cut out whole in the center?) Try the things she likes but in different ways? Or how she eats them as well. Maybe distract her snakes while she is playing or something alongs those lines. I hope this was some what of a help...


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You are doing the right things - I know it is frustrating. Children of this age are notoriously picky eaters, liking something one day, and not the next. Just keep exposing your daughter to a variety of HEALTHY foods.
There is a great foodie blog called "Weelicious" on making toddler friendly foods.
But at the end of the day my 2 year old son has never been convinced that pasta/noodles are not poisionous. And he will only eat vegetables in the pureed form. Whatever. at least he eats his veggies.

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